Caption/transcription generation issues?

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The option to generate captions/transcriptions for videos stored in SharePoint/OneDrive has been working fine in our tenant for months, but yesterday users started reporting an error message. When attempting to generate captions, the message indicated that the request could not be completed. By late evening (10 PM EST), the request process was working, but as of 9:30 this morning, no captions have been generated, even for very short videos. There's nothing in the Service Health section of the admin center, so not sure what's going on.


EDIT: I just tried requesting captions in another tenant and am getting the same message as yesterday 

We're having trouble generating a transcript and captions right now. Try again in a bit.

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I too have seen this "Try again in a bit." message – many times recently. I have also been waiting for a transcript that did trigger, since early Friday afternoon...
At least I know it's not just me. This is still happening to some extent in the three tenants to which I have access. I did report it to Microsoft (via the admin center - no opening a support ticket) last Friday, but they responded that "no issue was found".

@Chad_V_Kealey I have also tried unsuccessfully to generate captions for videos uploaded to Stream for SharePoint. I've tried videos of several different lengths. I never received any error messages, however.


It's been almost a week for some videos and no captions have generated...they still all just say "Generating English: The transcript and captions file will appear here when it's ready. The generation time varies based on media length." 



Hello - I am with the Stream product group and I apologize we are having an issue here that is impacting some customers. We are engaged and working on this through a series of short and longer term mitigations. Thank you for your feedback!
thanks, Garrett! Good to know that it's being worked on. One of our users found another bug that is probably unrelated. It seems it's not possible to download the transcript/captions as a .vtt file using Firefox. Either of the links pops a new browser tab but doesn't actually download the file. I submitted a problem report for that as well.

Thanks Chad we are on top of that firefox download bug and have a fix rolling out, but it may be up to a month until this is deployed globally.



this is the first time i have tried transcribe. I have to record a coaching session tomorrow at 8am. If i record the session in teams will i be able to transcribe this when your end is fixed?

8am GMT. Is there a setting I must check to make sure i can transcribe? I have practiced recording and that is fine.

@ctrehearne If you're recording it in a Teams meeting, captions/transcription will automatically be generated. You only need to "generate" captions for other videos uploaded to OneDrive/SharePoint.

Hi Garrett,

Is it possible to subscribe to issues like this and be notified when they are fixed?

I've spent a lot of time to trying to get transcripts to work. Some times they generate, sometimes they do not.
This is happening to me too. @garrettbronner
Any update on when this will be solved? Thank you!!

Same here, or it's really slow to create the transcript. I created a test video that was pretty short and it took a couple days to create the transcript.
I made another :26 sec video over an hour ago and there's still nothing.

Updated testing I created a Teams meeting just now with a co-worker and the transcript was nearly instantaneous. Still nothing in the standalone video I created. Going to contact support
We too have that - we've had a ticket open with MS since October and one fix partially worked (try three or four times and you may get it to work) it's still being investigated. Bit of a pain when we only swapped from Classic Stream in August as the Transcription wasn't working
Hello from the product team - regarding the transcript generation issues, we've developed a fix to address the underlying issue and we've initiated its deployment to the affected environments.
While affected users should be seeing significant improvement since mid last week, we're continuing to monitor the service's health as the fix's deployment completes to ensure impact is fully remediated.

We have posted this notice on the service health dashboard.
Hello from the product team - our monitoring indicates transcript generation issues on Stream on SharePoint are fully resolved. We are reviewing this in detail to prevent other issues like this in the future. Please message me or share here if there are ongoing issues you may be experiencing. Thank you!

@garrettbronner the option to generate transcriptions and captions for videos stored in stream has been working fine for months. The day before yesterday, I got this message "We're having trouble generating a transcript and captions right now. Try again in a bit." but still it's showing the same error. Could you please check this issue and provide me a solution.



I agree with you it is working with short duration videos but not for long duration.

@garrettbronner I've been waiting for 2 days and still getting the same error message. Any tips?