Cannot upload videos to Stream (on SharePoint)

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We have been testing the new Stream (on SharePoint) and have enabled cloud recordings (in Teams admin center). All our Teams recordings are now stored in SharePoint and playable in Stream (on SharePoint). We can also upload directly to a SharePoint site without problems.


But, if I visit the new Stream portal ( and click "Record" nothing happens. If we click "Upload" we get to pick a file but then it says "Failed to upload".


These functions are working in our other tenant but not the main tenant.


Any ideas on where to start?



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@aldenniklas1337  - Today the Camera and the upload from only uploads or creates in your ODB. If the user you are testing with doesn't have an ODB, I think you might see the failures like you are seeing. Is it possible you've not enabled ODB for that user? 

Don't worry, it's almost a year later and it still doesn't work!
Please open a support ticket to Microsoft. There must be some specific thing with your user or tenant.

@Marc Mroz don't bother opening a ticket, the rep will waste your time, walk you in circles with screen share, and after an hour, nothing but dissapoint and nothing working. 

Mr admin, MS should have kept the old stream functionality in place and add sharepoint integration to it. Instead, you guys built a disaster of a system that takes multiple steps and many processes that takes hours to setup to do what the old stream let us do in 2 or 3.