Auditing Viewed Videos in Microsoft Stream in SharePoint

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I conducted an Audit Search on a video file (mp4) in a document library (modern Stream). I used 'Accessed File' on the file name and video URL. The search returned every single user in my tenancy. However the analytics on the video page showed that only a small percentage of the users had viewed the video. So the numbers do not add up. I must be formatting or filtering the audit search incorrectly, but I cannot work out how to do that so that only views of my video show up in the search results.
Now that Stream in SharePoint has replaced Classic Stream (I wasted a fair bit of time figuring out that the Viewed Video no longer works on new Stream!), does anyone have any advice for performing audits of video views in Microsoft Stream in SharePoint. Thank you.

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The only analytics that are currently available on videos in SharePoint / Teams / OneDrive are documented here:

If you check out the Ignite video of what is coming, you will find that there are additional analytics that are being built as part of the Clipchamp Premium license which is not yet available. You can get an idea of what is coming by watching the Ignite video from the Stream product team.

@Natalie Harzic We have this article but we list File Accessed as you figured out.


Was the video on a high traffic site or page or Viva Engage community with an embed player? We might log that file accessed event when the player loads even if the user didn’t play. 

I’ll pass the feedback on to our analytics team about considering adding a new video viewer audit event.