Arrange videos in a Playlist (Stream on Sharepoint)

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Hi all please can anyone tell me if the new Stream (on Sharepoint) features the ability to arrange videos in a playlist or at least is it in the roadmap. If not I would like to log a feature request as this was lacking on the Stream (Classic) environment. Thanks

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We are working on a playlist feature based on Microsoft Lists. I don’t have a timeline when it’ll be ready for all of you though. It’s not on the roadmap with a date but we are actively working on it.

Today the best you can do is to use a document library web part tied to a file viewer web part which sort of gives you a playlist. As you click a video in the list it plays in the file viewer web part.

Or you can use hero web part, we are making it play the video in-line on the page (rolling out now).
Hi Marc, firstly thank you so much for such a quick response and also an absolutely honest response. I have presented your suggestions to my client and suggested that we do a POC of each option to determine which if any solutions meets their requirements else failing that they will need to wait for the addition of the required functionality. I will update this as we go along for the benefit of others. Regards, Warren
See this document if you haven't already for other ideas to group videos together: