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Does anyone know if it is possible to download the entire transcript for a video that has been put on Stream? I wanted to take the transcript and use it to create a short summary for a blog. 

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Hi @SarahFabius,

Yes, download the caption file in the Stream admin portal. Screenshot shown here.


This will also help


As Mark Mroz states, download the caption file from Stream (as in the first link) and then run it through this web utility which pulls out just the transcript text from the file (removing the time codes, metadata, and blank lines).

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard You are awesome. Thank you!

@Christopher Hoard 


This doesn't work for me - I don't see that link to download the captions.


Likewise, I also don't see the Show Transcript option under the View Settings.  I swear I had these options last week.



@GmsDave I also cannot see the download link, but only for video people shared with me.  I can see a transcription for that shared video, but no place to download it.

However, on my own content, I may choose "Update video details" and on that panel, I can see how to download transcripts for streams I made.

@MarkTab  Probably the next day or two later, those options showed up for me again, and I've had them ever since.  I wonder if there was just a service outage or upgrade going on at the moment in time to disable those features for me.


I've got a customer who is getting this message when trying to download the .VTT file.  Is it as simple as creating an association with Notepad or similar? Or is there another Windows setting that needs to change?


They want to download it so they can then run it through the web utility already mentioned on this thread.

@NicoleReilly I got this same error - have not seen a response to your raising this question. Would love to know what to do as I am currently not able to download the caption transcript...

@Joanne_Roig I discovered that the files had downloaded despite the error message (found them in the Downloads folder on the local machine) - so uploaded those to the web converter and it worked.

THhank you @NicoleReilly  I just checked and did find the files. However, it still wants me to select an app with which to open the file. I selected Word, but with each sentence, there is coded gibberish like the example I pasted below. Would you happen to know what App I can/should select (if not Word) that would download just the pertinent transcript without all of the extraneous codes?

Thank you!







NOTE duration:"01:24:45.5700000"


NOTE language:en-us


NOTE Confidence: 0.26191342



00:00:00.100 --> 00:00:00.620



NOTE Confidence: 0.8726744



00:00:02.100 --> 00:00:07.118

My laptop OK great so Emily.

Why do we start with you and


NOTE Confidence: 0.8726744



00:00:07.118 --> 00:00:11.750

kind of get get us kicked off

with the introduction to you


NOTE Confidence: 0.8726744



00:00:11.750 --> 00:00:12.908

and your team.

If you run it through the web utility previously mentioned, it will pull out just the transcript text from the file (removing the time codes, metadata, and blank lines).

The web utility link is:

Thank you, @NicoleReilly  I had no idea what a Web Utility was, so clicked on the link you sent - figured it all out and it worked well. Thanks again! - Joanne Roig


@Christopher Hoard Thanks Chris. Very useful. Now if only it put in newlines for sentences rather than the whole transcript on one line ;)..... although a quick find and replace on "." sorted it.

Is there a potential ETA on when a simple "Download transcript" button will be enabled? The current workarounds suggested below are nice hacks and provide neat things like "confidence" of speech-to-text but it would be nice to have a simple button just for this simple text. I'd also like to separately use the audio clips to determine who spoke when so that "Download transcript" would produce an easy-to-read file like:

[12:20] Bob: good morning, everyone welcome to the meeting.
[12:21] Alice: today we will speak about a new on Teams


I also don't see the options to download the captions. the 2 options available when i click on 3 dots next to like are
Linked Groups/Channels
Add to Group/Channel

What am I doing wrong?

@khanr Hello, Teams doesn't save live captions Use live captions in a Teams meeting - Office Support (


But this applies to live transcripts View live transcription in a Teams meeting - Office Support (


If you need to edit transcripts it can only be done if still using Stream (and not yet in the new storage location OneDrive/SharePoint).



Hi there, the only option I have when I double click on the three ... is Disable auto scroll. Tried to copy the transcript (ctrl a, ctra c). Even though all text is highlighted, it only copies a small portion of the hour-long transcript. Appreciate ANY suggestions.