VillageMD designs a "legal OS" using SharePoint, Lists and Power BI

Published Mar 17 2022 01:29 PM 3,570 Views

We're pleased to share a new customer success story, from VillageMD - a national leader in value-based clinical care extending primary care access to more than 1.6 million patients through providers operating in 200-plus clinics across the United States.


VillageMD, designed a "legal OS" on SharePoint + Microsoft Lists + Microsoft Forms + Power Automate + Power BI to track activities, self-serve auto-generated contracts, and visualize progress. They looked to Microsoft 365 to power and automate technological transformation with self-service legal operations - especially for their non-technical, internal clients. 


And to make things more approachable for any of their non-technical, internal clients, they refer to the system as "Sharon Pointer" - a nice nod to the friendly AI who's there to help: SharePoint :).


You can watch the video below and read the full case study on the Microsoft customer stories site: "VillageMD powers technological transformation of legal operations with Microsoft services":



Last, a fun, real compliment Sharon got from someone inside VillageMD:
"Sharon, Thank you so much for your super quick turnaround with the NDAs! Appreciate you very much!" 

Go, Sharon Pointer, go!


Bonus | We spoke with VillageMD on The Intrazone podcast: "Lists loves lawyers."  We chat with Wendy Rubas (General counsel) and Janessa Nelson (previously Legal operations manager) on how the above solutions help optimize their people productivity and document automation with visual analytics to improve the patient experience:



Cheers, Mark 


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