Are your eyes closed? Ready to enter The Intrazone and visualize moving pictures – the kind that corporate communications dream of? Well, raise your antennae and prepare for one of the most powerful mediums: video from Microsoft Stream ... and it’s on the radio (podcast) for your listening pleasure.


Enterprise video is on the rise. It's keeping employees, customers and business partners engaged and informed. Today, we talk to the Stream team about how video integrates into our daily work habits. Chris and I also talk with Microsoft customer Wavemaker and their partner AddIn365 about planning and deploying their "one stop shop" intranet site: Work Hub.


Lights. No camera. action!



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Intrazone-011_TVontheRadio_hosts-guests-faces.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [host], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], Vishal Sood – partner group program manager (Stream/Microsoft), Christina Torok – product marketing manager (Stream/Microsoft) [guest], David Kaganovsky - Global Chief Technology Officer (Wavemaker), and Suzy Dean – CEO (AddIn365) [guest].

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The SharePoint (and Stream ;)) team(s) want(s) you to unleash your creativity and productivity. And we will do this, together, one episode at a time.


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A few more gems and a giveaway if you keep scrolling down…


First, a bonus look at Wavemaker’s intranet we chat about in this episode, Work Hub, with partner AddIn365:


Wavemaker-AddIn365_WorkHub-intranet.jpgThe Wavemaker intranet, Work Hub; powered by Office 365 and AddIn365

Second, wanna win a pair of SharePoint socks? Well, for those that made it this far, I’ve a small video nugget from Microsoft Stream’s past, aka, Office 365 Video; the following linked video answered the main question I got back in November of 2014, “What happens to a video file when you upload it into Office 365 Video?To win the socks, be the first to tweet me, @mkashman + this hashtag #TVontheRadio, and let me know the answer to this question: what is the name of the cloud services that generate the video thumbnail that then gets stored as metadata in SharePoint in Office 365? Good luck and enjoy the video time machine. ;) #warmfeetawait


Ciao for now, Mark.

Valued Contributor
Great show as always guys, heard straight out of the gate! @Suzy Dean is a great guest (OK I’m slightly biased as a fellow Brit). Learnt a lot but the content, for me, shows the roadmap to merging SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as that is where the Collaboration service lies. The message to deliver a service cross product at rollout makes a lot of sense. Hands up I like a full first party offering but can see where partners offer real value. Having the Microsoft Stream folk there was good too. Go listen, it’s worth your time!

Thanks, @John Wynne - love that you love it - "straight out of the gate" (I can hear the buzzers + hooves on those certain 'every-other Tuesday' days ;).


For the Wavemaker fans, here's a few more link to dive into: