Take advantage of the SharePoint Look Book sample designs in your own environment!

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SharePoint Look Book site is an awesome web site having pictures on example modern portals build with SharePoint Online. These designs demonstrate what's possible with the modern SharePoint and we will be releasing updated guidance on the Look Book also in future.


Having example pictures and written clarifications of the structures around the sites built with modern SharePoint is great, but wouldn't it be even more awesome if you could provision actual site collections and structures based on those designs so that you can even adjust those based on your needs?


That would be awesome!

We thought so as well and started building a specific service to enable you to easily provision sample content and scenarios to any SharePoint tenant.




How to use the service?


It's as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Move to the provisioning service at https://provisioning.sharepointpnp.com
  2. Select a template which you want to use (remember to check template specific prerequisites if any)
  3. Click "Add to your tenant"
  4. Sign-in to your tenant
  5. Provide requested metadata like the URL to be used
  6. Confirm and wait for an email notification when provisioning is completed

See the following 2-minute video as a quick introduction on how the service works in practice. 



Right now the service is in public preview like mentioned as we keep on polishing up the experience and the provided templates. 


What are the prerequisites for the usage?


You will need to be a tenant administrator to be able to use the service. This is due to the cross tenant capabilities, which the templates might contain, like Microsoft Teams structures, SharePoint solutions, Site Designs, and Themes. We are looking into enabling simple templates also for site collection administrators in the future without tenant administrator requirements. Notice also that currently, SharePoint administrator permissions are not sufficient.


Notice also that some of the initially provided templates also contain other prerequisites, like having a tenant app catalog created for SharePoint Framework solutions or having the tenant administrator as a term store administrator before the provisioning is started. Please check the prerequisites specifically for SharePoint Starter Kit or for the Custom Learning templates.


Currently, templates have been also tested properly only for the English language, so please provide us feedback based on your experiences with non-English tenants.


Can I use the service in my production environment?


We do recommend testing the templates in a test environment to ensure that you are aware of how they work. Some of the initially provided templates, like  Each provided template, has a detailed description of the contained content which is getting provisioned. You can get a test tenant by using a trial Office 365 tenants or by subscribing to the Office 365 developer program (if you are a developer).


Can I use the templates also outside of the service?


Absolutely. We are providing all used templates as an open-source solution through GitHub repository. If you are an IT Pro or a developer, you can also use those templates by using code or PowerShell. 

Please provide us feedback on the service and share any issues with us which you might have as part of using it. Thank you for your input advance.



Epic, these looks very nice. I was just about to start some Mock ups for my new companies SharePoint deployment and this will make that much easier :). 

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Already tried it out and works like a charm. Very good.

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Woow looks good! Keep it up!

Just had a conversation over LinkedIn and got asked how to "switch the target tenant" for the deployment. @Vesa Juvonen Maybe we can update the description here. My added FAQ item would be (of course feel free to change):



I only see my production tenant available, how do I switch to my test tenant?

In order to deploy a template to your test tenant provide the corresponding credentials after clicking "Add to your tenant". If you constantly end up in your production environment try a new browser window in private/incognito mode and open the lookbook again and provide your test tenant credentials to make sure authentication is triggered for the correct account. "



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While Deploying SharePoint lookbook templates to tenant. it is throwing error - "Unfortunately your site provisioning at least partially failed!" - and only a generic site collection gets provisioned with no template content.


Please assist me!

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