Share videos and engage with an audience using Microsoft Stream and SharePoint

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Share educational videos with your class or highlights from meeting recordings with your coworkers remotely by adding the Microsoft Stream web part to your SharePoint site. Also, learn how to share this content externally in SharePoint Files and Folders


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Good article.

If I use the Stream webpage on Sharepoint, can external people (no Officr 365 licence), view that video? Or is it the same restrictions as Stream? 

@David Gorman , thanks for the question. This is a valid scenario and the answer is no, unfortunately. External people would need to have access to the Stream video even if it is embedded in a SharePoint page and today Stream does not support anonymous access. This is a scenario we're definitely thinking about. Thank you for asking.


Hi @Sebastien Fouillade ,


Thank you for sharing this.

Good to hear that MS is working on sharing anonymously, but what about sharing securely with Guests?


We have guest with whom we collaborate regularly, via Teams and SharePoint. Would be great to be able to share access to meetings recordings, product promotional material, etc.  without having to download from Stream and upload to SharePoint.


We've been wanting to migrate some of our main Video channels into Stream, but until guest access is supported, our hands are tied and we're missing out on all these other great features that the team continues to deliver in Stream.

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This would be a great opportunity for providing training to our frontline employees.  Unfortunately, with iOS mobile devices, the default setting for Safari is to not allow cross-site tracking.  This prevents Stream from playing in a SharePoint page.  We don't want to have employees disable the setting in order to view company-owned content.   With no way to customize the Stream pages other than layout and sorting, it becomes a barrier for us.


@Jorge Carvalho -- Guest access is also a common request and one we're thinking about the best way to fulfill.  We know this isn't easy to do right now.  Thanks for asking about it.


@Robin Johnson -- thanks for commenting!  Can you share more about what type of customizations you'd like to be able to do?  If you had Stream channels available in the Stream mobile app, would that fulfill your need here?

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@StaciaScott  - thanks for the quick response.  What would be nice is to have the ability to add supporting information (similar to text or image webparts) to a video page.   This would be helpful for adding instructions or intro text to a set of videos in a channel, or to help brand a particular page (Company-wide video).  Many times there is supporting information (links) that we get requested to add and the interactivity option is not the most obvious way to do this.  


@Robin Johnson -- thanks for the additional details. That scenario makes perfect sense, and I'll make sure it's accounted for in our planning.  thanks again!

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Can viewers interact with the presenter during a stream?

@BreanniaStewart - for presenter interaction or other members of the audience, we'd recomment you start a live event through Yammer or Teams ( 

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