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Let’s get ready to collaborate!!!*


The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (virtual) is right around the corner – and the anticipation is real. This is a 3-day, virtual event (Dec.9-11.2020), delivered via Microsoft Teams. Each day will kick-off with an inspiring Microsoft keynote followed by a broad set of breakout sessions and depth training workshops (days 2 & 3).


A keynote a day (x3) keeps the energy up and information flowing.


Jeff Teper (CVP, Microsoft), Karuana Gatimu (Principal PM Manager, Microsoft), and Dan Holme (Director, Microsoft) will be giving keynotes spanning teamwork and employee engagement. In addition, many Microsoft speakers will deliver breakout sessions with live Q&A among thought leaders and members of the community from around the world.



The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference is a 3-day, virtual event covering Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform -- all delivered via Microsoft Teams.The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference is a 3-day, virtual event covering Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform -- all delivered via Microsoft Teams.

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The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (virtual) has something for everyone digging into of Microsoft 365, including Azure. You’ll find no tech left behind: AI, sharing, intranet, BI, admin, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Power Platform, Microsoft Graph, SPFx, Microsoft Groups, security & compliance, Project Cortex, migration, search and more – spanning IT, dev and end user.


Below is a summary list of the nearly 50 Microsoft-led sessions – starting with Jeff, Karuana and Dan’s keynotes (scroll down and note the ones that interest you most):

  • 3 Microsoft keynotes
    • Day 1: Unlocking collaboration, communication, and knowledge| by Jeff Teper - hosted by George Howell, former CNN correspondent and international journalist.
    • Day 2: Balancing employee productivity & wellness with Microsoft Teams | by Karuana Gatimu
    • Day 3: Building resilience by connecting and engaging employees | by Dan Holme
  • 45+ Microsoft-led breakout sessions
    • Turn content into knowledge with Microsoft SharePoint Syntex| by Sean Squires and Chris McNulty
    • Best practices for delivering effective Virtual Events | by Karuana Gatimu and Lorena Huang Liu
    • The Intrazone Live | "Fantasy Productivity: Adopting (Microsoft) Teams" | by Chris McNulty and Mark Kashmans and MVP guests, Stephanie Donahue and Dux Raymond Sy
    • Architect your next product or idea using the Microsoft Graph| by Fabian Williams and Brian Jackett
    • Optimize your new Yammer Communities | by Angus Florance
    • What's New in Microsoft Teams | by Karuana Gatimu
    • Living in Teams? Now, so does your intranet! | by Tejas Mehta and Prateek Dudeja
    • Virtual health and collaboration with Microsoft Teams in healthcare | by Evan Westenberger and Daniel Canning
    • What's new & coming to OneDrive | by Jason Moore and Ankita Kirti
    • External sharing & collaboration with OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams | by Rafael Lopez-Uricoechea
    • Embrace a New Way of Work with Microsoft 365 | by Angela Byers and Shin-Yi Lim
    • Get started with Microsoft Lists | by Lincoln DeMaris and Bharath Manoj Manda
    • Organize business information with Microsoft Lists | by Miceile Barrett and Niket Jain
    • Microsoft Teams ❤ Microsoft Lists | by Ansuman Acharya
    • Customize productivity apps with lists and libraries, Power Apps, and Power Automate | by Chakkaradeep “Chaks” Chandran
    • Microsoft 365 cloud data center strategy​ | by Sean Emam and Sesha Mani
    • Turbocharging Microsoft 365 cloud user experiences | by Shyam Narayan
    • Role-based access control in Microsoft 365 | by Timothy Heeney
    • Kick-start your solution development with Microsoft 365 PnP | by Vesa Juvonen
    • Developing solutions across Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Framework | by Luca Bandinelli
    • Working with SharePoint Files and Lists: building blocks for your business process solutions | by Jeremy Kelley
    • Build your first Microsoft Teams App using the Microsoft Graph Toolkit | by Sébastien Levert
    • Search where you’re already working with Microsoft Search: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap | by Robin Thomas and Kathrine Hammervold
    • Cortana – what’s new with your personal productivity assistant in Microsoft 365 | by Malavika Rewari, A.J. Brush, Saurabh Choudhury, and Srikanth Sridhar
    • Moving classic SharePoint search to Microsoft Search | by Jyoti Pal and Mikael Svenson
    • Connect people with knowledge and expertise in Microsoft 365 | by Rebecka Isaksson
    • Build Knowledge with Topic Experiences in Microsoft 365 | by CJ Tan
    • Project Cortex: Knowledge discovery and content intelligence in Microsoft 365 | by Naomi Moneypenny and Chris McNulty
    • Expertise & Knowledge Networks: Microsoft's Vision For a Successful Knowledge System In Your Org. | by Naomi Moneypenny
    • Make data-driven decisions with Power BI and Visio | by Mukul Kumar and Shilpa Goyal
    • What’s new to easily migrate your content to Microsoft 365 | by Eric Warnke and Yogesh Ratnaparkhi
    • Build a Beautifully Designed Intranet: Tips and Tricks | by Katie Swanson and Cathy Dew
    • Build and launch a SharePoint Home Site: Tips and Tricks From The Product Team | by DC Padur and Adam Ford
    • SharePoint Communication Sites & the Modern Intranet: What's New | by Debjani Mitra and Andy Haon
    • How to Author Dynamic Intranet Pages and News: Tips and Tricks from The Product Team | by John Sanders and Rachel Lambert
    • Employee Engagement and Communities in Microsoft 365 | by Murali Sitaram and Dan Holme
    • Engage employees with the new Yammer: Communities, Communications, Knowledge Sharing | by Jason Mayans and Steve Nguyen
    • Engaging employees with Yammer and Microsoft 365 | by Michael Holste
    • Microsoft 365 Groups roadmap updates | by Venkat Ayyadevara and Mike McLean
    • How Microsoft manages Microsoft 365 Groups for its employees | by David Johnson
    • Governance and management best practices for Microsoft 365 Groups | by Vinay Jagannatha Rao
    • What’s new in Security & Compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive | by Sesha Mani
    • Microsoft Search in SharePoint and Office 365 | by Thanuja Priyadarshani and Kerem Yuceturk
    • Monitor and manage SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | by David Minasyan, Rk Menon, and Trent Green
    • Supporting Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures in Microsoft 365 | by Robert Lowe, Sesha Mani, and Jeff McDowell
    • Enable visual, real-time collaboration in Microsoft Teams using Visio | by Shilpa Goyal and Tripteesh Kaur
    • The New Microsoft Stream: Deep Dive | by Marc Mroz and Owen Paulus
    • Video in Microsoft 365 | by Segun Bright and Struan Robertson

View all 80+ combined sessions from all top-tier speakers from Microsoft, MVPs and community leaders. Session recordings will be posted to the M365CC YouTube channel after the event (some sessions may not be available due to content distribution restrictions).


The 14 workshops on days 2 and 3 cover the following subjects in depth: BI, intranet and IA, Teams, user adoption, SPFx, and the Power Platform. Register for a workshop today.


A pre-emptive thank you to all event sponsors: AvePoint, Netwoven, SysKit, VisualSP, Compass 365, Martello and Microsoft. Without your support, this event wouldn’t be possible.


Platinum, gold, and silver sponsors of the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference.Platinum, gold, and silver sponsors of the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference.

And a special shout out to community members Shirley Brothers, Jackie Baillie, Lyman Goodrich, Joel Oleson, Ryan Schouten and the #M365VConf team for putting together this event, mapping out the agenda and for supporting and promoting the knowledge and expertise that reaffirms this: Microsoft 365 has the best tech community in the world.


A community that collabs together, stays together.


Cheers, Mark Kashman, senior product manager – Microsoft 365 marketing


*Inspired by Michael Buffer.

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