Introducing our new white paper on OneDrive and SharePoint Security
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At Ignite 2016 we rolled out and announced many enhancements throughout SharePoint and OneDrive, as detailed in a number of blog posts, including "Enhanced conditional access controls, encryption controls and site classification in SharePoint and ...".


We understand that enterprise security is critical. Trust is not a product – it’s a value that must be earned every day. Our approach to SharePoint and OneDrive security, privacy and compliance is simple:

  • It’s your data. You own it. You control it. We’re just caretakers. 
  • We give you controls to manage the data, paired with our own controls for securing and running our services.  Policy governs every millimeter of a file’s journey from conception to deletion.

We continue to hear questions about the best way to safeguard information in SharePoint and OneDrive. Again, it’s a simple answer – we think the best way to protect your information in SharePoint is, well, SharePoint! And OneDrive.  Along with our partners, we continue to achieve more in security and information protection.

We’ve recently published an updated white paper that details our security investments and capabilities for SharePoint and OneDrive. It’s one document that details all our capabilities in the platform, access and sharing, awareness, governance, and compliance.


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If your organization needs to understand *how* we protect your data, and assure that SharePoint and OneDrive are trusted platforms for your information, please share our white paper File Security in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Thanks.

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