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In May 2017 we unveiled our plans [] to simplify SharePoint administration through delivering an administrative experience that’s intuitive, intelligent, and simple.  Since then we’ve made available the new admin experience as Preview for customers who have enabled Targeted Release at the Tenant level.  In the next several weeks in our preview we’ll be introducing new updates on our journey to deliver an administrative console designed to help IT achieve more, so their users can achieve more.



Improvements to Site Management


New export capabilities allow you to export the displayed information in Site Management to CSV on both PC and Mac.  Using this output you can now use popular tools such as Microsoft Excel and PowerBI to simplify data prep, drive ad hoc analysis, and create dynamic charts and graphs.



Custom Views

In the upcoming updates you’ll now be able to customize views based on your individual preferences in addition to updating and customizing the default view of sites and related information.




NOTE Views you create are shared across all admins on the new SharePoint admin center.

Search Improvements

If you have hundreds or even thousands of sites, they can be difficult to discover through a single view.  New search improvements will allow you to search across Site Management to find the right information when you need it whether searching by site name, Url, or the primary admin.

Site-Level Sharing for Standalone Sites

SharePoint was born on the concept of sharing and now we’re bringing that core principle to SharePoint admin center by enabling management of site level sharing settings for non-group-connected sites. We will follow this shortly with support for group-connected sites, and also support for advanced sharing settings. In case you're wondering, yes, we are working on a new tenant-level sharing page.





Improved Email Layout

We’re also updating the email layout when contacting site administrators through the SharePoint admin center to make it cleaner and easier to read.



These updates will begin rolling out to Targeted Release in 4-8 weeks.


We're looking forward to the ongoing feedback. Use the feedback button at the bottom right of the new UI.  Also, if you see a survey that pops up and asks you how you feel about the new site, don't be shy, let us know. 


Manage sites in the new SharePoint admin center []

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Hi Bill, thanks for the update. With the recent addition of Hub Sites will there be an attribute in the Admin Center to identify them? I realise they are based on a Team or Communication Site template so maybe a status field? Regards.

Hi @John Wynne, we are working on adding support for Hub sites in the site management UI. The first step will be to add a column in the site management list that shows hub association, you will be able to sort on it. In addition you will be able to change Hub association in the information panel.


Thank you.



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Thanks @Sebastien Fouillade that’s great news to hear!

What are the timelines for this to exit preview ?

Am desperate for this to arrive even without the great new functionality you are describing .

@Nicholas Byng-Maddick, thanks for your interest.

To be clear we are about to release the new SharePoint admin center preview worldwide, that will happen in the coming weeks.  It has already been in targeted release for a few weeks now for organizations that have opted in the targeted release. The term "preview" will stay there until we are confident it can fully replace the classic SharePoint admin center experience. Both experiences will run in parallel and we encourage people to start using the preview and give us feedback on the features they'd like us to add next.


Thanks :)


So, one of the sharing options is anyone. Does that suggest that I can create a anyone link for the root of the this site collection and essentially offer a public website? (albeit, with a funky URL)


@Craig Debbo, thanks for bring this up. Sharing with anonymous users (anyone) is for documents and folders only, not sites, so this wouldn't allow you to create a public site. More details on external sharing for SPO here.

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@Sebastien Fouillade Greetz, i still have no access to the new sharepoint admin center, i am opt in in the admin center but still the old site and i see no button to switch :( So my question how long does it take to hit our tenant (arcuscollege).


Thx in advance.. 



@Maik Roseboom, we're in the middle of the rollout right now so it will be worldwide within 2-3 weeks so it's just a matter of time at this point and you should be getting it soon. If you want to get it sooner, you will need to go to the Office 365 admin center, Settings, Organization Profile and under "Release preferences" make sure it is set to "Targeted release for everyone" and "release track users set" to "All". Note that if you do that, all your users will be included in targeted releases not just for the SharePoint admin center but all new end-user features.

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Are we going to see more details for group ownership?  Right now all it says for every groups primary owner is "Group Owners".  This is not very helpful.  I've also tested sending an email to the "Group Owners" of a site and nothing seems to happen.  I've reported it as a bug, but perhaps it's user error.  I was really looking forward to a method to contact all group owners that met a certain criteria, but I'm not sure that will be possible with the new admin center.  

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The export to csv does not work. Tried on all browsers. (tenant has > 8000 sites) but even tried a filter of 3 rows and same issue. Anything to configure to get that to work?

Hi @Bob McKeating , thanks for reporting this. One of our engineers reached out to you by email. This is a known bug and we are rolling out a fix for it.

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