Menlo and Archer integration with Microsoft Sentinel

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We have two scenarios,

1- We want to integrate Menlo Security tool with Microsoft Sentinel, and it looks like there isnt any built-in connector or matter of fact no materiel out there.

2- We also want to integrate Sentinel with Archer (so sentinel can send incident/alert data to Archer), a risk management tool with ticketing capability.


Could you guys please advise how this can be achieved, I know custom connector build would be the answer but does any one have achieved this already, any tips suggestions?

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2. I'd assume Archer has an API, you could use the HTTP control in a Logic App (Playbook) to talk to the api, and follow the process used for other ticketing systems - one example:

I've assumed Archer doesnt have a Logic App item, but haven't checked.
Thanks Clive for the reply. Would this be cost effective way, as I have read in Microsoft material that "Logic App wouldn't be cost effective if there is large volume of data involved"?