What’s new: Azure DDoS Protection connector in Public Preview for Azure Sentinel
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This installment is part of a broader series to keep you up to date with the latest features in Azure Sentinel. The installments will be bite-sized to enable you to easily digest the new content.


Even more Azure Sentinel connector news for you! If you are using Azure DDoS Standard Protection, you can now ingest this via our connector into your Azure Sentinel workspace.


In addition to the core DDoS protection in the Azure platform, Azure DDoS Protection Standard provides advanced DDoS mitigation capabilities against network attacks. It's automatically tuned to protect your specific Azure resources. Protection is simple to enable during the creation of new virtual networks. It can also be done after creation and requires no application or resource changes.


Connecting Azure DDoS Protection Standard logs to Azure Sentinel enables you to view and analyze this data in your workbooks, query it to create custom alerts, and incorporate it to improve your investigation process, giving you more insight into your platform security.





How to enable Azure DDoS Protection log ingestion in Azure Sentinel


Prerequisite - You must have a configured Azure DDoS Standard protection plan.


1. From the Azure Sentinel navigation menu, select Data connectors.



2. Select Azure DDoS Protection from the data connectors gallery, and then select Open Connector Page on the preview pane.


3. Enable Diagnostic logs on all the firewalls whose logs you wish to connect:

a. Select the Open Diagnostics settings > link and choose a Public IP Address resource from the list.




b. Select + Add diagnostic setting.


c. In the Diagnostics settings screen

  • Enter a name in the Diagnostic setting name field.
  • Mark the Send to Log Analytics check box. Two new fields will be displayed below it. Choose the relevant Subscription and Log Analytics Workspace (where Azure Sentinel resides).
  • Mark the check boxes of the rule types whose logs you want to ingest. We recommend DDoSProtectionNotifications, DDoSMitigationFlowLogs, and DDoSMitigationReports.


d. Click Save at the top of the screen. Repeat this process for any additional firewalls (public IP addresses) for which you have enabled DDoS protection.


4. To use the relevant schema in Log Analytics for Azure DDoS Protection alerts, search for AzureDiagnostics. Here's an example query below:


| where ResourceType == "PUBLICIPADDRESSES"
| sort by TimeGenerated


And that’s it! You will now have Azure DDoS Standard logs connected to your Sentinel workspace.



Get Started Today!

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