Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training - the Sept 2021 update
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It's that time of year again... time for another update of the Microsoft Sentinel Ninja training! (access the training here)


In this post I'll list the new and updated modules with important new features for the ninja training. As per usual with the ninja training updates, there have been many changes to Microsoft Sentinel in this time and the updates found here should not be considered exhaustive. To keep up to date with all the new features being released in Microsoft Sentinel, make sure you regularly monitor our what's new page.


Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training Certification

An important update to the training is the release of the Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training knowledge check. This has already been announced in a separate blog post but for completeness it has also been included in this update post. You can take the knowledge check and if you score over 80%, you can fill in the self-attestation form to receive an Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training certification. 


Note: it can take up to one business day for you to receive your certificate via email.          


New and updated modules 

New modules that cover new functionality areas in Microsoft Sentinel:

  • Module X: Migration
  • Module Y: Notebooks
  • Module Z: ASIM and Normalization


Also, several modules have been expanded:

  • Module 3: Workspace and tenant architecture - expanded to cover more MSSP/multi-tenant scenario guidance.
  • Module 4: Data collection - expanded to cover the Azure Monitor Agent (AMA).
  • Module 8: Analytics - expanded to cover SOC-ML anomalies and Fusion ML Detections with Scheduled Analytics Rules.
  • Module 11: Use cases and solutions - added content about the Solutions gallery.
  • Module 12: Handling incidents - covers Teams integration with Sentinel.
  • Module 13: Hunting - updated to reflect the new hunting dashboard. 


New and updated webinars

  • Module 4: Data collection - a new webinar covering data collection scenarios.
  • Module 5: Log Management - a new webinar that covers using Azure Data Explorer for long-term retention of Microsoft Sentinel logs.
  • Module 15: Monitoring Azure Sentinel's health - a new webinar that covers cost management in Microsoft Sentinel.


Microsoft Sentinel webinars coming soon

  • Learn About Customizable Anomalies and How to Use Them - Sept 14
  • Microsoft Sentinel | What's New in the Last 6 Months - Sept 15
  • Turbocharging ASIM: Making Sure Normalization Helps Performance Rather Than Impacting It - Oct 6
  • SAP Mini-Series Part 1: Introduction to Monitoring SAP with Microsoft Sentinel for Security Professionals - Oct 18
  • Explore the Power of Threat Intelligence in Azure Sentinel - 25 Oct
  • What’s New in Microsoft Sentinel Automation - Oct 28
  • SAP Mini-Series Part 2: Deep Dive - End-to-End Installation of SAP for Azure Sentinel - Nov 9
  • Decrease Your SOC’s MTTR (Mean Time to Respond) by Integrating Microsoft Sentinel with Microsoft Teams - Nov 10
  • Create Your Own Microsoft Sentinel Solutions - Nov 16
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using the New Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) with Microsoft Sentinel - Nov 22


You can sign up for webinars here. Please note that the registration links will be made available approximately two weeks before the webinar. Until then, all dates are tentative.

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