The Microsoft Information Protection and Compliance Customer Experience (CXE) team work with Microsoft's largest enterprise customers to provide guidance and advisory services to help them deploy our information protection and compliance solutions.


As part of our community you can speak directly to our engineering teams and get early access to changes by joining our webinars, participating in private previews, reviewing product roadmaps, attending in-person events, or providing feedback on our forums. 


Getting Started

We have lots of resources below to help, but to start with you can review: 


Official Documentation

A lot of the common questions that customers ask have been captured in our documentation. There are a team of tech writers who work tirelessly to ensure it's accurate and up to date!  



Compliance -


Licensing Documentation

Licensing for different features across the M365 security and compliance product set arefrequently asked questions.


M365 Security and Compliance - 

Information Protection section - 


White Papers

We have documents that we've developed for our customers where we share best practices and guidance to help deploy our solutions.


MIP - 


MIP&C Deployment Acceleration Guide

We wrote this guide to help you understand, plan and accelerate your information protection and compliance deployment. Doc is available for download at



To check out our upcoming webinars, or recordings of past webinars, visit


Private Previews

To join our private preview program, where you can get early access to changes in exchange for your feedback.



check out the previews page for full details -



Got questions or feedback? Check out our product-specific forums where you can speak directly to our engineering teams.


MIP Yammer Channel -

MIP Product Feedback -

Compliance Product Feedback -


Tech Community - Security, Privacy, & Compliance 


Code Samples / Scripts

You can check out our PowerShell code snippets at:

GitHub Repo:

Localization migration script: 


Social Media

Hang out on Social Media? Check out the team's presence below and follow and interact with us there as well.




Compliance Blog -

MIP Blog - 



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