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Purview retention locations

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I need to ensure that when a user sends a message containing a cloud attachment, a retention label is applied to the cloud attachment by using an auto-labeling policy. which locations should I apply the auto-labeling policy? we have 3 options:



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Do you want to apply a sensitive label or a retention label to email attachments that internal users' send?


Retention labels are used to apply certain actions to documents that match the label conditions. Actions could be to delete, prevent deletion of the matched item after/for a certain period. While sensitive labels will apply certain (encryption) labels to the matched items such as to mark the email attachment as confidential/secret/no forward labels.


Retention label is part of Microsoft 365 data-life cycle management feature while sensitivity label is part of information protection feature.


I hope this helps.

Apply retention label to cloud attachments. which location do I need to select for the auto-labeling policy?



Cloud attachments, sometimes also known as modern attachments, are a sharing mechanism that uses embedded links to files that are stored in the cloud.


It is important to note that a copy of the shared file is created whenever a file is shared and it is this copy that the retention label is applied to.


Hence, the locations you select will depend on where the file(s) is/are located or which group site the file is/are associated. So, when a user wants to send an email, if the user is a member of a Microsoft 365 group, the file might be in their Microsoft 365 group site or in the user's OneDrive, then it will be applied when the file is attached, to the new copy, that is stored in the Preservation Hold Library.


Also, when configuring the label, you should select the option to apply the retention label when the label is applied to the item.


As previously mentioned, even if there was a retention label on the file in OneDrive, it would not apply in this case as a new copy of the file will be created that will have the new retention label (to retain or delete), as defined.



Cloud attachments are files stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft 365 Groups that are attached as links to Outlook, Teams, and Viva Engage messages or that are referenced in interactions with Copilot. The label will be applied only to the version of the file that's being shared or referenced and does not apply to the message. As a result, you won't be able to choose Exchange, Teams, or Viva Engage as a location in the next step


I hope this helps!