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Not able to add a column to a Purview Table Schema

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Hi there,


I have access to a Purview account, and I have completed a scan in the environment to read a test table I created in SQL Server. The scan was successful, and I have the table under collections as an asset. I am the owner of the scan, as well as the asset in Purview. When looking at the Schema of my test table, I am able to see the default columns (Column name, Classifications, Sensitivity label, Glossary terms, Data type, Asset description). However, when I click the Edit columns button to add a new column, the option is greyed out. In other words, Purview is not allowing me to add a new, custom column to the Schema of my table. Does anyone know why this is the case? Any help would be appreciated!



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Current product limitation, it seems. "Managed Attributes" should be allowed at column (schema element) level, not just Asset level.