Importing unified label settings

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I have created lots of sensitivity labels and wanted to see if there was a way to better manage the labels and settings. For example if I create a new label with content marking on the header or footer, you can set the colour via the GUI with pre-defined colours, if I wanted to use another colour not listed  I would need to use PowerShell using the -AdvancedSettings variable to specify a RGB colour as you can see from here: if I needed to change the setting for say 50x labels this becomes extremely time consuming.


If I export the settings (including advanced settings) into a CSV file using: 

Get-Label -IncludeDetailedLabelActions $true | Export-Csv c:\temp\LabelExport.csv

this provides every variable that is available.


Ideally what I would like is to export the CSV, make changes in the CSV and import the settings back in. Similarly AAD users have this option where you can use Bulk Operations to import CSV file. 


Researched this but can not find any definitive answers. 


Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 



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