Data Map and labelled files

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I'm currently in the phase of rolling out Purview Governance and I am scanning documents that are located in Azure Files. I have two questions:


1) Can Purview scan RMS encrypted files? (encrypted in own tenant)

I have scanned several files that are RMS encrypted, they are showing up in the catalog, but the classification did not work. Seems, that Purview was not able to read the content due to encryption. How can I grant Purview permission to read encrypted files, as there is no user I could add to the super user feature.


2) Can Purview show the label, that is applied to a document?

I labeled some files without RMS encryption and scanned them. I am expecting, that I can see the applied label in the catalog. However, this is not the case. As the label is only metadata, how can I add this information to the assets automatically?

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