Sync Up – a OneDrive podcast : Episode 9, “Data security with OneDrive”

Published May 12 2020 10:07 AM 10.8K Views

Sync Up is your monthly podcast hosted by the OneDrive team taking you behind the scenes of OneDrive, shedding light on how OneDrive connects you to all your files in Microsoft 365 so you can share and work together from anywhere. You will hear from experts behind the design and development of OneDrive, as well as customers and Microsoft MVPs. Each episode will also give you news and announcements, special topics of discussion, and best practices for your OneDrive experience.


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Episode 9, “Data security with OneDrive” focuses how OneDrive helps users stay productive, gives admins the tools to manage and monitor content wherever it’s used, and, ultimately, protects confidential company information. Along with the guest speaker, Sanjoyan Mustafi, co-hosts Jason Moore and Ankita Kirti discuss Conditional Access, Sensitivity Labels, DLP and other security related features.

To learn more about it read up our blog on Top 5 reasons organizations use OneDrive for data security.

The group also reveals their go-to working-from-home snacks.

And, the special topic this month is about the challenges for parents while working from home.


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Meet your show hosts and guests for the episode:


Ankita Kirti_0-1589266905585.png

Jason Moore is the principal group program manager for OneDrive and the Microsoft 365 files experience.  He loves files, folders, and metadata. Twitter: @jasmo 

Ankita Kirti is a product manager on the Microsoft 365 product marketing team responsible for OneDrive for Business. Twitter: @Ankita_Kirti21


Sanjoyan Mustafi is a Senior Program Manager on the OneDrive team, responsible for security  across OneDrive and SharePoint. He takes care of Conditional Access, Sensitivity Labels, DLP and many other security related features Twitter: @sanjoyan


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As you can see, we continue to evolve OneDrive as a place to access, share, and collaborate on all your files in Office 365, keeping them protected and readily accessible on all your devices, anywhere. We, at OneDrive, will shine a recurring light on the importance of you, the user.  We will continue working to make OneDrive and related apps more approachable. The OneDrive team wants you to unleash your creativity. And we will do this, together, one episode at a time.


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