Samsung Galaxy Note10 delivers OneDrive Gallery experience

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In August, we announced that Microsoft OneDrive will begin powering the photos and cloud storage experience on Samsung Galaxy phones and devices. Samsung is now rolling out the new experience to Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ devices in Europe with the US to follow. Soon your Note10 will natively integrate OneDrive with Samsung Gallery to store your photos and videos in the cloud. When you store your camera roll with OneDrive, your photos and videos will be backed up, protected, and accessible from your phone, PC, Mac, and web browser. With your photos in OneDrive, you’ll won’t need to worry about losing a memory even if you lose your phone.


OneDrive is now the default cloud storage solution on the Samsung Galaxy Note10.OneDrive is now the default cloud storage solution on the Samsung Galaxy Note10.


Samsung Gallery + OneDrive, better together

Take advantage of OneDrive features that make life simpler such as searching by the content in your photos (i.e. cat or beach) or using the new “On this day” feature which periodically shows you photos from years past and invites you to relive some of your best memories. On this day is now available on all Android phones with the OneDrive app.


Relive memories from the past with OneDrive’s On this day feature.Relive memories from the past with OneDrive’s On this day feature.


View your camera roll online

With your camera roll saved to OneDrive, you can view all your Samsung Gallery photos and videos online at And this January, we’re introducing a new OneDrive online photos experience that will load your images faster than ever and let you navigate through them with a timeline bar.


See your Gallery pictures and videos online at your Gallery pictures and videos online at


OneDrive Mobile App

The OneDrive mobile app, with over 1 billion downloads on Android, comes preinstalled on the Galaxy Note10, and allows you to:

  • Access and edit your OneDrive files on the go
  • Protect your most important files and photos in Personal Vault
  • Scan paper documents, receipts, or whiteboard notes directly into OneDrive as PDFs
  • Share and collaborate on your files
  • Set your files for offline use


OneDrive storage plans for Samsung Note10

If you have a Galaxy Note10 and you currently have a storage plan with Samsung Cloud, you may be eligible for bonus storage for 1 year. If you are new to OneDrive, you get 5 GB of free storage. If you need more, you can upgrade to a 100 GB plan or an Office 365 subscription, which includes 1 TB of storage plus premium features such as ransomware detection and recovery. Learn more about OneDrive plans.


- Ryan Hoge, Principal Group Product Manager, OneDrive

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Where does this actually save your photos. I can't find any of my new photos at all?


I see they made a Samsung gallery folder in pictures but where is the new stuff. 


Photos taken while Gallery Sync is enabled and backing up to OneDrive will appear in the "Samsung Gallery" folder under Pictures in OneDrive. If you already have photos backed up using Samsung Cloud, those will be automatically moved over to the "Samsung Gallery" folder when you enable Gallery Sync with OneDrive.

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I do see that folder but which folder does it go in? I see all my old stuff but not my new stuff.

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 Thank you


By default, new pictures synced from Gallery Sync with OneDrive will go into the DCIM/Camera directory in the Samsung Gallery folder.

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I don't see that anywhere 


Apologies that your images are still not showing up. The OneDrive support article on troubleshooting Samsung Gallery and OneDrive sync issues notes that you should contact Samsung customer support via your device. To do this go to Settings Accounts and backup > Samsung Cloud > More Contact us Error reports ensuring that Send system log data is enabled.

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Is there a way to reverse the integration.  I accepted moving My Gallery over to OneDrive (I was already uploading photos via OneDrive app directly) to find out My Gallery won't sync from an SD card.  Which is limiting when that is where I store my photos and videos or is there something I'm missing.  I turned off the sync in Samsung Cloud but OneDrive won't allow me to turn on photo upload anymore.  Thanks



If you want to stop the Samsung Gallery app syncing photos to OneDrive, you'll need to remove data sharing permissions by disconnecting your accounts:

Go to  Apps and services that can access your data.

2.      Select Samsung, and then select Remove these permissions.

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That doesn't seem to work at all. My OneDrive is locked uploading  the new photos. I also can't uninstall the app and reinstall.


What's concerning everything worked so well before the new Samsung gallery app.


I also have the same issue, where I cannot sync from my SD card and I cannot reverse the integration. I tried to remove data sharing permission, uninstall OneDrive (cannot remove at all, only uninstall updates and clear data & cache) but it doesn't allow me to select again my outlook account to continue uploading my photos. This is a horrible integration of a product!!!

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Hello do we have any feedback on the OneDrive issue?


Same issue for me... There is no way you can upload pictures from your SD card and cannot be uninstalled/rolled back. 

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Hello are we going to have anyone give us any info or message on this?


Hi Errol,

Can you give us more details around your OneDrive being locked and not uploading new photos? What specifically is happening? Was customer support able to resolve any part of the issue?  Also what have you tried to resolve it? I'll take this information to our engineers and see if we can get you unblocked.  -Paul




Sorry that you are having trouble with your OneDrive. I wanted to follow up with a few of your concerns.


You mentioned that you cannot sync from your SD card in your device. While this feature is not supported within Samsung Gallery, we are considering it for a future release. In the meantime, you can add this feature as a request (or vote on current requests) on


You also mentioned that you were not able to reverse the integration. The integration is reversible, please see the end of this support article for instructions:


Let me know if you have more questions.




Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information, I'll review to vote on adding this feature to future releases.


Regarding the rollback of the installation, I followed the steps that are described in the link provided, but unfortunately, once you disconnect your Samsung account from OneDrive, you cannot select back in your phone the Outlook account for backups (it doesn't show up as an option). I even uninstalled the OneDrive updates with the idea of getting the previous version, but it didn't work at all. So, in the end, I lost my functionality for a half-working new app. Really disappointing!


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Hi @Paul_Diamond ,


When is the announced new OneDrive online Photo Experience coming? You've stated it would already be in January? Nothing new afaik.



@f_riess , We began rolling out the new photos experience in Jan, but only a limited number of people have it now. It will roll out more broadly later this month, and we expect it to be available to everyone by end of March.
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@Paul_Diamond Thanks for your quick response! :) 

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When I delete photos from my phone (Note 10+) it also deletes the photos from both Onedrive and my PC.   I've used Onedrive for years on my phones and it never used to do this - but since the integration with Samsung Cloud it annoyingly deletes photos from Onedrive (which is 

also synced with my PC)  I can't find a setting to stop it from happening.

Really annoying - there seems to be no way of stopping Onedrive deleting photos after they have been deleted on the phone (the camera upload button has disappeared too).  Backward step


@BSN57 I didn't notice this until I read your post. You have a really good point: now, the gallery is syncing instead of just backing up the photos. I did a test and found out that if I delete a picture on my PC, it deletes as well in my phone and vice-versa, if I delete a picture in my phone, it disappears as well on my PC. This is totally insane! Were you able to roll back the installation of this new version? I couldn't... 


Is this feature going to come to other OneUI 2 phones like S10+? 


@maxw3l Yes, this feature will be coming soon to the S10 and S10+.




So far, OneDrive and gallery are not better together.  I've been able to automatically backup photos to OneDrive for years.  I bought a new galaxy 20S Ultra and now I can't get photos to back up.  I have made the settings as described in various articles, run through the troubleshooting guides, made sure I enabled wifi and mobile uploads, etc.


Not sure how adding features breaks everything.


Also, why would I want everything going to some new folder multiple layers deep?  I should be able to specify a folder or keep them going to where they have been for years.




Mattw112, Sorry to hear about the difficulties you've encountered. Can you tell us more? Did you start setting up the feature through Samsung Gallery or did you start it through the OneDrive app? How far did you get through the set up process? Feel free to share anything else that might be helpful to know.


So I've always backed up to OneDrive on all phones I've had no problem.  The last three years I've backed up to OneDrive and to Samsung.


When I got my new phone in early March, I saw the feature to use Gallery/Samsung with OneDrive, so I enabled that.  I don't remember if I had enabled just OneDrive before that on the new phone or if that was even an option.  I did transfer stuff during the setup of the new phone so it may have started like that??


At this point I've googled it and tried all suggestions I could find.  Verified my settings.  Only thing I haven't done is remove OneDrive and reinstall which I was going to try.


For a few months before the new phone I was having another issue with OneDrive downloading everything to my phone even though I did want to.



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@Paul_Diamond hi paul, I can't wait to use this features. It will be available and any chance to have a macro rollout map (month or quarter) for galaxy s9? Many thanks

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Beware! After my one drive was full I deleted part of my photo's and deleted my bin afterwards when i found out the photo's on my mobile phone/ Note 10+ were gone as well and there is no means of restoring this! It would be prudent to warn users.

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@Paul_Diamond Still no new design for the web experience? When will this feature coming?

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