OneDrive Message Center Updates January 15th to January 31st

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Hi everyone,

Here are the latest updates to the OneDrive service! We’re finishing off January of 2019 with some great new features including The File Hover Card is now available for all file types, the new Office 365 navigation bar is rolling out, and some great improvements to Scan on mobile. As always, feel free to leave your feedback, comments or questions below.


File Hover Card is getting smarter and is now available for all file types!

Rolling out in February

The File Card is great at giving you a quick peek at your most important files, and it’s getting even better. Starting in February, we’re adding File Card support for almost all file types, not just core Office files. If you find yourself sharing a txt file, log file, or whatever file type you live in, you’ll get the same experience across them all.


We’re also adding support for including external and guest user views into the card. Invite someone from outside of your workplace to collaborate on a file? Now view and viewer counts will reflect external and guest users who viewed your files as well.

Lastly, we’ve incorporated important lifecycle events like file popularity and creation events to help you identify documents getting significant attention or that you recently worked with.  All to help you be as efficient as possible.


File HovercardFile Hovercard

New Office 365 Navigation Bar

Rolling out in February

The Office 365 Navigation Bar provides shared UX and capabilities that transform a collection of individual apps into “Office 365” in order to drive growth, user engagement, retention, and satisfaction with Office 365. 


Over the last year, the team has re-invented the O365 Navigation Bar by moving to a modern platform, creating an extensible integration model that balances consistency with app contextual awareness, and leading the introduction of our new Fluent design language across the “silhouette” of Office 365. 


OneDrive and SharePoint will see a bold new suite header that is aligned with what you see today in and This consistency in look and functionality brings together apps and simplifies your interaction with the header. 


The work that you’ve done to brand OneDrive and SharePoint will remain. If you haven’t rebranded, you’ll notice that the default color for OneDrive and SharePoint have changed. 

The help pane in OneDrive and SharePoint has a new look. You’ll see updated sections that highlight key, contextual help. If you added custom links, these are still available in the pane.


Default suite header with the help paneDefault suite header with the help pane


Company-branded suite header with settings paneCompany-branded suite header with settings pane


Default suite header with settings pane openDefault suite header with settings pane open


Scan Improvements in OneDrive Mobile

Rolling out in February

We’re rolling out some great new improvements to the Scan experiences on our Mobile apps. First, based on feedback from you, we will now offer the ability to choose the save location from anywhere in your OneDrive or SharePoint Sites for new scans. We’ve also improved the performance of scan uploads, particularly on lower-end Android devices. These changes should start rolling out to all OneDrive mobile users in February.



Scan improvements on OneDrive mobileScan improvements on OneDrive mobile





Occasional Visitor

Hi All,


After upgrade I am getting the following console exception once page gets loaded,



And also I am getting the following exception while clicking on the user navigation and the popup is flashing-out,


Can you guys please share your suggestions to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.




Hi @Mohanraj_R,


That's definitely not expected! Please open a ticket with support so we can track this down! Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Occasional Visitor

Hi @Stephen Rice , were the navbar changes rolled back by chance? Noticed they vanished from several tenants after the problem mentioned by Mohanraj.


Hi @DavidFrancoeur,


I just chatted with the feature owner and it looks like we did roll back the navbar while we investigate a few issues. We're looking at getting it rolled back out as soon as possible. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Occasional Visitor

Hi @Stephen Rice, thanks for confirming.


If I'm reading this correctly, this is a HUGE problem for us. Per the Message Center notification:

  • The Site theme selected for a specific SharePoint site through Change the look settings will no longer be applied to the navigation bar. The updated navigation bar will now be consistent as you navigate through a site, SharePoint Online and the Office 365 suite of apps (OneDrive for Business,,, etc.). The navigation bar theme will show the user-personalized theme, if one is selected. If there is no personalized theme, the navigation bar theme will follow either the Organizational Profile or the OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online brand color (blue).


We rely heavily on the uniqueness that Change the Look Settings offers for each site [collection] and how it is to inherit from the hub site to other related sites. Our business cannot have a unified branding experience across all sites. We need to be able to override a personalized theme, on a per site [collection] basis, if/when requested. The differentiation created by the Hub based branding that is inherited to other linked sites is a major communication tool for our company.


Please tell me I'm reading this wrong and that unique hub site/connected site branding is still an option and that we can override personalized themes on a per hub (and its linked sites) basis.  If I'm right, then I need to know how to stop this 'improvement' for our tenant.


Hi @Lisa Stebbins 

I am having the same issue. 

Here's what their response.


We CANNOT customize it. :(

They need to reconsider it. 

Occasional Visitor

NavBar in Internet Explorer 11 is not showing... There's just a white space where the NavBar should be. In Chrome or FireFox everything is OK

I've done everything I could (even removing all customization), but no luck. (this is only in SPO, the other O365 pages are OK)


There's a piece of script that's missing. In Internet Explorer you see:


<div class="ms-fullWidth " id="suiteBarTop" style="height: 50px; position: relative;">



In Chrome you see:

<div id="suiteBarTop" class="ms-fullWidth removeFocusOutline" style="height:50px; position:relative;">

<div id="O365_NavHeader" class="_1xVMn9B5LYQeuAOhVc_KCF_1k8GzbKB4qpRmhY09XQN-Q o365cs-base o365cst o365spo o365sx-navbar o365sx-search" role="region"......


Lots more lines with code that's the actual NavBar and App Launcher





So the Div "O365_NavHeader" is not rendering, but I can't figure out why and where that piece of code should come from.


EDIT: I used the  <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" /> TAG on my masterpage! This was because of incompatibility issues in the past with Internet Explorer. Now this Tag is nog necessary anymore so I removed it, and the NavBar showed up!





Hi @pbc278 ,


Glad it is working for you now! Let us know if you have more issues!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

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