OneDrive Message Center Updates December 1st to December 15th

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Hi everyone,


Here are the latest updates to the OneDrive service!


This month, we’re rolling out new integration with Microsoft Flow and improved support for UPN changes in the OneDrive sync client. We also have an update on the new Manage Access experience.

As always, feel free to leave your feedback, comments or questions below. This will be our last message center update for 2018; we hope you all have a happy holiday and we’ll look forward to sharing more in the new year!


New Integration with Microsoft Flow

Rolling out in December


Easily create and run out of box Flow templates directly from OneDrive.  Just select a document and click on the Flow button in the command bar.  You’ll automatically have the options for the Copy as a PDF and Request sign-off Flow templates.  Run the Flow and with one click you can create a copy of any document for a PDF or send off an approval. 

Microsoft Flow Integration in OneDriveMicrosoft Flow Integration in OneDrive


Improved support for UPN changes in the OneDrive sync client

Available Now

Starting with the November sync client update (build 18.212.1021.0008), the OneDrive sync client (on both Windows & Mac) will automatically switch to sync the correct OneDrive location after a user’s UPN changes. Please note that, while the UPN change is propagating, users may see an error message informing them that their library cannot be synced. Users who see this should restart the sync client once the UPN change has completed. For more information on how UPN changes affect OneDrive scenarios, see


New Manage Access Experience Update

Delayed to January


In our previous Message Center Update, we announced that the new Manage Access experience was rolling out to Production in late October and November. We've identified an issue with the existing release that prevents users from removing specific external users from sharing links (though the link itself can still be deleted as a whole). We are rolling back the new Manage Access experience until January while we fix this issue. We appreciate your patience!


Nice, thank you for OneDrive integration with Microsoft Flow. :grinning_cat_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_cat_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_cat_face_with_smiling_eyes:

to automation with no-code.

New Contributor

How long until the per system install switch will be available? 

Not applicable

Is there any road map for OneDrive Sync using Tenant GUID for AAD joined device without Device writeback enabled? 

Occasional Contributor

This is great! An online signature feature would be great! this could help Microsoft compete with DocuSign. 


Hi all,


Just wanted to jump back in here and let you know that Manage Access will be resuming roll out early next week. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Occasional Contributor

Hi @Stephen Rice 


Need  your inputs on OneDrive for Business UPN change. Currently, my client is undergoing AD domain change and user migration. All users already have OneDrive with older UPN (in URL). I would like to know the following points

1. Is the OneDrive for Business web app URL will automatically change to new URL without any data loss? Or is there anything do to manually like PS cmdlet to change the URL

2. As per above article, OneDrive sync client will automatically sync with new UPN. Is the existing data in the local file system will be affected in any scenarios?

3. Any other inputs from your side on this UPN change would be much helpful.



Chandrasekaran C N


Hi @Chandrasekaran Nageswaran ,


This article will be the best point of reference for you going forward:


On your questions though:


  1. Yes, URLs are changed automatically though any previously created sharing links will break.
  2. No, when the sync client detects the change, it should pick it up and change to the new URL. There may be a short period where the change hasn't propogated fully and the user may see an error.


Hope that helps!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Occasional Contributor

Thanks @Stephen Rice for your response.



Chandrasekaran C N

Occasional Contributor

I'm seeing this as having been rolled out and yet I have one client who does not see these changes reflected in their environment. Is this possible or should I be putting in a ticket?


Hi @TrevorStyler ,


Which feature are you not seeing show up? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Occasional Contributor

@Stephen Rice, the Copy as PDF. I see it in my tenant but not in my clients'.

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