Copilot in OneDrive: A New Wave of File Interaction
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Last fall, we announced that Copilot capabilities would be coming to OneDrive. We're now proud to say that Copilot in OneDrive will begin to roll out in the summer of 2024. This new capability will help you quickly retrieve information from files in your OneDrive. Copilot in OneDrive will be accessible directly in OneDrive for web and in the file viewer in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. It will be available for work and school customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. Let’s look at how Copilot will transform the way you interact with your files.


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Copilot in OneDrive will transform the way you interact with files in Microsoft 365.


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Copilot in OneDrive will also be accessible from the file viewer in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.


Ask questions and get answers from Copilot in OneDrive

Sometimes you want quick information without having to find and read relevant documents. Copilot in OneDrive helps you do just this, offering you a quick and intuitive way to extract answers from your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other files. Simply give Copilot in OneDrive a prompt, and it will fetch what you need from your files, saving you time by giving you instant access to information contained deep within your files.



Get information and insights from your files: Here are a few examples of prompts you can use to get information from your files1:

• What were the total beverage sales last week? Put response in a table view by day.
• Compare the main differences between the selected files and put the differences in a table view.
• What are the pros and cons of project Moonshot?

Find files using natural language: Looking for a file? No need to hunt for it, just ask Copilot to find it for you with prompts like these1:


• I’ve been on vacation for a week. Show me recent files on Project Moonshot.
• What files should I read to get started on project SkyDance?

Create outlines, tables, and FAQs from your content: You can take things to the next level by asking Copilot to create content based on existing files using prompts like these1:


• Using the /sales-enablement.docx as reference, create an outline of a sales pitch to a new customer.
• For these selected resumes, create a table with names, current title, years of experience, educational qualifications, and current location.
• Create a list of frequently asked questions about project Moonshot.
• Look at /proposal1.docx and /proposal2.docx and create a table outlining the differences in cost, milestones, and date of delivery.




Improve content: Have a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that you want to improve? Try these prompts1:

• What suggestions do you have to improve the deck /new-sales-process.ppt?
• What improvements should I make to this selected file to prepare it for a leadership review?

Generate file summaries: Need a quick overview? Copilot can summarize the contents of one or multiple files, including PDFs, offering you quick insights without the need to sift through each file. Try prompts such as1:

• Summarize the key points from moonshot-plan.pdf, Moonshot-timeline.docx, moonshot-GTM.ppt
• Summarize long-industry-report.pdf. List out its 3 main points and tell me about the industry risks and open questions.


As you can see, Copilot in OneDrive can help you extract information and find your files with unparalleled ease, so you're not working harder, you're working smarter. We hope you find these capabilities as transformative, helpful, and timesaving as we do.


This click-through demo walks you through using Copilot in OneDrive, which will be available in late-April 2024.


Broad file and language compatibility

Copilot in OneDrive isn't just versatile; it's inclusive. It can act on a wide array of file types, and in many languages. So, you’re not limited to asking Copilot questions about English language Office files. You can ask questions about PDFs, web files, and more in a number of different languages.


Copilot in OneDrive can act on the following file types:

• Office documents: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLSX
• New Microsoft 365 formats: FLUID, LOOP
• Universal formats: PDF, TXT, RTF
• Web files: ASPX, HTM, HTML
• OpenDocument formats: ODT, ODP

Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Copilot in OneDrive currently support the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified). Over March and April, we expect to add support for Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.


Include quick summaries when sharing documents

Next month, you’ll be able to add Copilot-generated summaries when you share documents with your colleagues. These summaries, included in the document sharing notification, give your recipients immediate context around a document and a quick overview of its content without needing to open the file. Sharing summaries increase document engagement while helping coworkers prioritize work and reduce cognitive burden.

Sharing summaries will be available in March 2024 for customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. This capability will initially be available when sharing a Word document from the web, with support in the desktop client and the mobile app later this year. Learn more.


CopilotSummaryShare (1).gif

Incorporate document summaries created by Copilot when you share a Word file with colleagues.


The future of file interaction

As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of file interaction, Copilot in OneDrive stands out as a new leap forward in enhancing your productivity. And this is just the start!


Ready to revolutionize the way you work with your files? Copilot in OneDrive is included in Copilot for Microsoft 365. Learn more.


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Additionally, commercial customers are welcome to join OneDrive Office Hours, a monthly Microsoft Teams meeting where our product team will answer your questions, demo new features, and get your feedback. To get on the meeting invite list, just sign up for OneDrive Customer Office Hours. For more information on OneDrive download the OneDrive quick start guide, turn into the SyncUp Podcast or sign up for the OneDrive newsletter.

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1 Example prompts are for reference only. When using prompts in Copilot for OneDrive you will need to reference your own files and projects.

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