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Haifeng Liu is a Microsoft Azure MVP who has been supporting tech communities in China for more than 13 years. In a recent blog post we published (New Tech & Connections from Asian MVP Communities), we introduced the first Prompt Engineering Conf in Shanghai, China, which he organized.

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As a professional, Haifeng's role involves leveraging his technical knowledge in business to provide solutions that are beneficial to society as an entrepreneur. He expresses his ambition as "my entrepreneurial goal is to empower enterprise growth with AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) technology and create outstanding value" and shares their journey in business and community so far.


At the end of 2022, Haifeng launched ChatU, a BMaaS (Bare metal-as-a-service) platform that integrates multiple large models. These models include the latest AI technologies such as ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI Service. In striving for better product development, close collaboration with Microsoft was a focus. Due to its excellent flexibility and customizability, ChatU rapidly grew into a market leader for AIGC solutions, attracting 1,000 paid enterprise customers and nearly 100,000 end-users in a very short period.


“This integration approach reduces the cost and threshold of using AI products, enabling more people to enjoy the convenience of AI technology. At the same time, ChatU also provides rich APIs and tools to facilitate user secondary development and customization, improving the adaptability and scalability of the solution,” he says.


The growth of Haifeng's business was backed by Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, aiding entrepreneurs worldwide. He tells us about his experience with the program, stating that with, "enhanced Azure credit and local network’s help, the platform makes more opportunities for my company."


As a business leader who has been growing in both business and community, Haifeng talks about the business benefits of engaging with communities based on personal experience: "Participating in the technology community can bring more resources and support to enterprises, allowing them to gain more technical knowledge, industry experience, and business opportunities, so as to better grasp market trends and user needs, providing strong support for the development of enterprises. Secondly, it can enhance the brand image and influence of enterprises, attracting more investment and partners, creating more opportunities for the development of enterprises. In addition, it can bring more innovation and competitive advantages to enterprises, allowing them to access more innovative technologies and business models, stimulating their innovation inspiration, and promoting their continuous development."

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Finally, as an experienced entrepreneur, Haifeng shares a message for those looking to start their own business.

“Entrepreneurship is both an adventure and an opportunity for growth. Whether you work in a large company or start your own business, you must always maintain curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, constantly learn, grow, and progress. In the process of entrepreneurship, you will encounter various challenges and difficulties, but as long as you maintain firm belief and determination, constantly work hard, and strive, you will definitely be able to overcome all difficulties and achieve your dreams.”


Haifeng continues, "entrepreneurship is not only about making money, but also about realizing one's own value and dreams. As long as you love your career and devote yourself wholeheartedly to it, you will definitely be able to create your own value in life. Wishing all those who are considering starting their own businesses a speedy realization of their dreams!”

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