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The simplest of things have suddenly evolved into the biggest of challenges during the ongoing pandemic.


This is certainly evident in education, where many students can no longer go to school and many teachers can no longer instruct face to face.


As a result, education in many parts of the world has been in a holding pattern for the greater part of this scholastic year  and it is this holding pattern that Developer Technologies MVP Hassan Fadili is working hard to overcome in his home country of Morocco.


Despite being based in the Netherlands, Hassan continues his commitment to support young people in the North African nation with technical skills relevant to the workforce of tomorrow. This aim during the coronavirus, however, has shifted into assisting the larger educational system to bring classes online.


Backed by Moroccan Microsoft Partner DynIt, Hassan has been working to implement a fully online solution using Microsoft Teams.


Today, thousands of schools and thousands of students are reaping the benefits of this partnership thanks to further support from the Moroccan Ministry Of Education.


Hassan admits this is a difficult era, but one which he is proud to help Moroccan schools and students overcome. “This solution permits the students to follow their courses online and stay in touch with their teachers and school staff. In this way, students can follow and share their daily activities via Teams and even collaborate with their peers.”


Now with students back online and young people learning the art of remote education, Hassan says he is excited to continue in his work of supporting tech education in Morocco. 


Hassan recalls a lack of facilities to explore ideas during his time in Morocco, so he looks to empower high school and university students with the right tools for developing themselves in an innovative and digitally transformative way. Support from the Morocco Microsoft Community works in tandem with workshops and mentoring to inspire young people toward tech careers.


Getting students and institutes up to speed with Microsoft technologies has been rewarding, Hassan says, and these efforts are just the beginning  coronavirus or not.


“Knowledge should be a shared space which is open for everyone,” Hassan says. “So, we have been organizing as many events as possible involving many areas and different capabilities.”


In the coming years, Hassan hopes such events and educational efforts will expand further into North and Central Africa. 


For more on Hassan, check out the Morocco Microsoft Community and his Twitter @HassanFad


Images: (Left) Hassan speaks with students at his former science university, Kadi Ayad Marrakech, November 2019.


(Right) Hassan works with students during"DigiGirlz Morocco" 2019 – a two-day event in Kenitra, Morocco, which looks to inspire young girls in IT.



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