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Hi there!

I don't know if this is the right place to post such a thread but I need to learn how to use index styles 1 to 9 in Word.


What's an Index?

It seems to me that an Index works like a table of content.

A table of content displays text accordingly with Heading styles (1 to 9).




Table of content

Heading 1 (Part one)

    Heading 2 (Chapter one)

        Heading 3 (Sub-chapter one)

            Heading 4 (Section one)

                Heading 5 (Paragraph one)

                    Etc. (A. ; B. ; C.)


If a table of content displays text that has been marked with style Heading 1 to 9, then an index should do the same.


Index styles 1 to 9

Open Word > Go to Style menu > Expand Style menu > Display all styles > Scroll down till reaching style: "Index 1, Index 2, 3, etc.".

My guess is an index can contain entry levels 1 to 9 which should be displayed like a table of content.




Index 1 (Main category entry)

    Index 2 (Sub-category entry)

        Index 3 (Idem)

            Index 4 (Idem)

                Index 5 (Idem)



I would like my index to look like this.


But each time I mark entries and insert an idenx, the index looks like this:









I would be glad if someone helped me with this issue.

Please, tell me if I misunderstood something.


Thank you for reading me.


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