Using same Microsoft Form for Attendance question

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I'm using Microsoft forms to take attendance every day for my class. To make it easier, I just change the daily question. I discovered that when I download the excel file, it changes the question of the day, I see the answers for each day, but the question at the top of the excel sheet only reflects the last day I changed the question. Anyway suggestions to address this.
For example, I ask what Subject is this?
You see my subject.
The next question is Who is this Author and this question shows for the answers for the previous day.
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@d1781053I think the easy fix will be to create a new form each day I know if you create a new one or edit it is still the same effort but creating a new one is a good and best practice.


maybe you need to search the cloning option and or duplicate the same form and just edit the questions.

I decided to use the same attendance forms. I'll change the header to answers for each day. The attendance form collects dates and time automatically. So that's my solution.