The AI sky is the limit, with GitHub Copilot


July 26 - GitHub Copilot.png


Machine learning beginners who want to learn all about AI can do so with the help of an AI assistantGitHub Copilot—and with the guidance of savvy Cloud Advocates Carlotta Castelluccio and Gustavo Cordido. I think that their six-episode video series Learning AI with GitHub Copilot on Microsoft Learn Shows is a great place to start your AI exploration. Carlotta and Gustavo help you discover the AI domain and show you how to ask GitHub Copilot questions about machine learning fundamentals. They explore basic domain knowledge by interacting with the AI assistant, demo how to build a classification model with only natural language instructions (plus GitHub Copilot), and then move to more advanced algorithms, known as neural networks. They even dive deep into computer vision, getting answers and explanations from GitHub Copilot. Go from theory to practice as you #LearnMicrosoftAI, in these practical episodes, where the AI sky is the limit. 


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