Tableau Server on Azure from AWS

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We are thinking about moving our server to Microsoft Azure, we have a network of sites where we put information (mainly tables and graphs) that we transmit through JS Vue (example: I see that there is a ready solution of the server setup, but we configured everything on Amazon ourselves, tell me if there will be problems if our Tableau is configured by us, is it difficult to combine it with a ready-made solution from Microsoft?

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Hello @Lazarth What you get from that marketplace solution is a virtual server with Tableau Server installed. The image is not created by Microsoft but by Tableau. You have to bring your own license and you have to pay the fees for running the VM. Tableau gives you three recommendations at the bottom of the Plans&Price page here:  
So my expectations would be that you have full control over the software and server configuration as you are in your own data center beside the fact that you cannot get to the hardware level.
I hope that helps and brings some transparency.



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@Rolf-42Thanks for the clarification.