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The AI Show Live

Every Friday 11AM-1PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)

This show shows the amazing work that is happening in AI at Microsoft. Developers will learn what's new in AI in a short amount of time and be directed to assets allowing them to get started and on the road to success immediately.

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Start your Learning Journey into Azure AI with a Helping Hand.

This series was designed to help you get started on a Microsoft Azure AI learning journey. No matter what your previous knowledge of AI, this actionable set of sessions will take you through what is available in Azure AI, Computer Vision and Conversational AI.

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Global AI Bootcamp – Behind the scenes

The Global AI Bootcamp is a free event organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about artificial intelligence on Microsoft Azure. The event is a perfect balance of quality content, awesome talks, and hands-on learning with like-minded peers in your community.

Find a Global AI Bootcamp near you!


Behind the scenes. In 6 episodes we will connect to organizers from all over the world to learn more about their event, what content they provide, how to join and who is organizing! Every episode focuses on a specific region, and like the bootcamp, will go around the world to connect to everyone.

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