Shalom Lamm

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I need a new home page. I am Shalom Lamm and I am asking for ideas for a new home page. For quite a long time, I've been using YAHOO, but it has now become a total PITA! I am not discussing the content, that's for another forum. I am talking about the format only here. I like the way it's spread out with the central section with news titles and a short caption of the article. Just scroll and click what you like. It has become bloated with popups and slide-overs. not to mention autoruns. Even with ad blockers, it's become too irritating. I am asking for your suggestions on home pages. I like to see one with a lot of links to news sites. I don't like MSN and Google News.

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This question is really out of scope for the Microsoft Tech Community and specifically the Microsoft Learn Community. The Microsoft Tech Community is meant to be a discussion place for topics related to Microsoft products and services.