New security and compliance exams

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Where can we find some information about the long term strategy for security and compliance certification options. Some new exams were recently released and I can’t find any announcements about them, they just showed up and we stumbled on them. @allisonkraker
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@Dean Gross 


I don't think there is any publicly available "long term strategy" or a subscribe button where you can opt-in for notifications about it. I'd recommend to check this link every once in a while Microsoft Certifications | Microsoft Docs

Also, there is a lot happening in the security and compliance area with some rebranding of the products etc. I don't think it is possible to provide a long-term roadmap about it as it will be hard to be accurate. Anyway, you are aware now as well while these exams are still in beta :)

My real question is, are there any plans for an Expert level certification for one or more of these complex fields? I think that it would be good to have this type of certification that spans Azure and O365
Don't think so. At least not in the perspective of the first year of those exams. Maybe it will be something more advanced, but even now if you will look for al SC-xxx (maybe except SC-900) from my perspective SC-300/400 are much more advanced than AZ-500 or MS-500. They are focused on the more in-depth area, so I think, even they will not have 'expert' word in naming convention, they are not as pell very easy. I think we should wait a little more. Microsoft Learn need to know it those exams (even important form my perspective) will be interesting and important for clients or not. Then some evolution is - as always - possible. Those exams didn't just show up. I remember a discussion about upcoming plans of "SC-type" exams (even without the name) over Microsoft Ignite in 2019, especially compliance part (frankly, next hour after I passed AZ-500 on the lunch break). It was under NDA, and any disclosure wasn't possible, but they are not just showed up.

Hi @Dean Gross 


You can find all the information about each of the exams, with this direct link to the Microsoft Learn - Certifitcations page:

In the link I have filtered for exams and for the new SC- exam id.


Hope you find it useful :)



Thanks, i have registered for all of those exams :)