MS Teams Class Owners - How to Block Meeting invite and Notification Pop ups

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As a business requirement, there are many MS Teams Class Owners.

But not all Owners are associated with each Channel (Subject Channel) meeting invite and communication and Popup.


How these Owners can disable these meeting invite notification and MS Teams Notification Pop up. So that non relevant channel communication can be reduced while they stays as Channel Owners


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Hello @bharat_tank


Have you tried the option to change the notification behavior per channel? It is hidden in the context menu of each channel.

I hope this helps

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Hello @Rolf-42 , Thank you for sharing.

Since I am one of the Channel owner and if i apply these settings, Hope it applies to me and not for all the other Owners & Members.


I see the below options as suggested, hope i am referring to the right options. and will surely apply. Thank you.




@Rolf-42 I have done this and checked this setting multiple times.  All of my Teams are set with all notifications off.  However, last night I still received about fifteen email invites for classes this week.  At midnight, no less.  I want to turn off all email notifications from Teams, including meeting invites.  This does not seem to be an option.  Please advise.

@psquared1978 Sounds like the alerts may be Outlook alerts not Teams.   Every team has a mailbox for handling meeting invitations and for compliance reasons.  If you go to that mailbox you can stop following the team mailbox and events.


If you don't see the mailbox under Groups in Outlook, from the file tab in Teams click Open in SharePoint then click Conversations on the left hand navigation.   Then from ... in the group heading choose Settings and choose Don't receive any Group Messages.  


If that doesn't fix it, I suggest you raise this in the Teams for Education Community Microsoft Teams for Education - Microsoft Tech Community as that is the most appropriate community for your Teams in Education functionality questions.