MS Learn Unauthorized Sandbox use detected.

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My account got flagged today for unauthorized Sandbox use. Odd because within the last few days I completed 2 modules using 1 sandbox environment as per the module instructions. Now I have to wait several days but I'm attending some hands on training at the Start. Dev. Change. event next week (I believe asks users to follow some of the modules which include some sandboxes)


Has anyone experienced this, why it gets flagged, and how long it took to resolve?


Seen an issue last year they addressed where large number of users were blocked and they quickly rectified this.

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I have also found a GitHub issue which users are using to report this problem but no response for a while from anyone working on this. I have posted a comment as this can be a fundamental issue when events by Microsoft are using the MS Learn platform :



Yesterday i completed several learning using three sandboxes, today i receive the same message that you when i try to load a sandbox.

Yes, the same happened to my account. I was just a couple modules into the path for AZ-204 and now I'm stopped cold. I submitted the appeal and hope it is resolved soon, as I was really hoping to get into my exam prep. Between that and the Azure/O365 issues this week I'm wondering if I should still proceed with the exam.
Thanks all for flagging this. I've reported in on my end and hopefully there is a resolution soon!

@JamesCook Microsoft sent to me the attached message. 


I'm now trying to do these steps for see if it solve our problem.

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Thanks for reporting this - we had a misbehaving rule in our fraud detection firewall that we think was flagging some people improperly. The team tells me it's been addressed - please let me know if this solves your access troubles!



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@markjulmar Thanks for the quickly suport. Today works fine!

@markjulmar Great work, working today as expected.





I am also facing the same issue. My sandbox was deactivated about two months back after completing two exercise on one session. And the appeal review is pending for last two months. Can you please advise.




@Nayyer24 can you tell me your account name, I can help submit a ticket to ask team to check. 

@Yun_Lu Thank you so much. My account name is




@Nayyer24 I have submitted a ticket for you internally. Will let you know once I have the result. 

@Nayyer24, the ticket has been approved, you should be able to activate sandbox now. Can you help check?

@Yun_Lu , Thank you so much. I just checked. Sandbox has been activated. Appreciate your quick help on this matter.




Hello @Nayyer24,


Could you help me to unblock my sandbox? I'm participating in a challenge to obtain AZ-104 certification.

Thank you!

Hi @amirkhonov,


I can help you with that. Can you send me the account you are using that's being flagged?


Mark Smith

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You should be unblocked now - give it a shot and let me know. Thanks!


Hello, could you please assist me with the same problem with az-104 course?

Thanks in advance,


@markjulmar @Yun_Lu

Hi, I am going through Microsoft Learn to prepare for AZ 303 certification and the sand box is suspended for my account now. could you please help to resolve this to continue my learning?

My account name:


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