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My organization is looking for some training on presentation skills and were wondering if Microsoft offers any. We're looking for fundamentals-type training, not PowerPoint based. Thanks!

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Hello @DelanieB ,


Microsoft itself does not offer trainings other than online courses, or as a middleman referring to organizations in the MPN for instructor-led training sessions. The trainings that are on offer relate to the achievement of certificates, but not loosely work-related such as general presentation skills. The closest that we do get to this would be the didactic training that is part of the MCT requirements. However, that is more about teaching than presenting. Even there, they do refer to a number of accepted partner companies offering these trainings. I believe there is very little to no in-person training offered directly by Microsoft.


Perhaps for this purpose you better directly check your local market for companies that can offer such trainings. Maybe you have some connections to your local university, or could ask at the chamber of commerce?


Kind regars