Microsoft Launcher - App Folder Issue

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I have been using the launcher for a long time now and I have been enjoying it. I even joined the beta. Today I updated to 6.2 and I'm havung a weird issue. Applications are not opening from a folder. They will open up from the app drawer and the home screen, but once you add it to a folder, you can it will not open.
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I am having the same issue.

Hello @emiliot

I cannot reproduce the error and I'm on 6.2 as well. Does it only happen to apps that you add to a folder after your update to 6.2 or also with folders that existed before?

Do you see the same behavior after a phone restart?
And it may sound hard but is reset of the launcher an option for you?


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I am having the same problem and I haven't created any new folders since the update. I did a reset but then did a restore to keep my folders in my app drawer and the problem still exists. Would the restore option import the problem again?


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@dkg30 @Rolf-42 ,


I haven't tried to create new folders but after a phone restart the problem is still there. It appears that it jumbles around which apps have the issue and which ones don't. I had trouble opening Facebook last night from a folder but it seems today that it opens up just fine, however there are still applications that show this behavior still. 


I also backed up the Microsoft Launcher, reset it to defaults, then I restored the back up. 

I am typing this as I am doing it. It seems that apps are now opening from within the default folders that the laucher has set up. I say defaults because I have work things on my phone so, I get the Microsoft folder and the Work folder. 


I am restoring the back up.


It now works.


Looks all we need to do is back up the launcher to save your current layout (if you would like to keep it that is), then reset the launcher by going to Launcher Settings>Advanced Settings>Reset, then (if you've backed it up) restore your back up. 


Thanks guys!

I have got it working now. When I did the reset and then the restore I had to untick the use saved serrings so the restore then used the default settings of launcher. I've since gone back in and set my preferences manually back to what they were and it seems to be working ok.