Microsoft Ignite Bug completing challenge

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I have completed all 6 modules of the Microsoft Ignite Azure Data & AI Challange.


But on the homepage, it shows I haven't finished the modules yet. Is this a kind of bug, because I did not receive a free certification code.

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The same with Teams challenge :sad:



Same here.

The same happen to me

@SevketBas- I am experiencing the same issue!

Me too@SevketBas 

@SevketBas  It's not a bug. It takes a bit of time to update. Give it one day, It happened to me too but by the next it was already updated 

I can confirm that it just needs some time to sync.

Now I got 10/10 and even found myself on a leader board :happyface:

Still haven't received certificate for exam though but I assume it will take a bit more time.


@DeletedThanks for the update. mine is showing 9/10 in teams challenge. Let me wait then. (5days left).