Microsoft Certifications with Core Concepts like AD, DHCP, DNS

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I want to develop a cyber security program for a school, but am unsure of what Microsoft certifications to align courses to. I think for a cyber program, students should be learning about Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, as well as cloud integration. After Microsoft killed off all of their on-premise certs after Server 2016, it seems a bit lack-luster to put a 2016-based certification in a cyber program.


Other than writing a basic "Windows Technologies" book to introduce students to these concepts, I'm not sure if MS has a cert that directly covers those technologies.


I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you!

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hi , there are multiple certifications in azure security. you can start with SC-900, AZ-500, MS-500, SC-300, SC-400. These are designed only for security. finally azure cyber seurity architect. let me know if any addtional details ?
MS500 and AZ500 will cover all of Microsoft Security . These two course cover all the basics you will need to understand.
Hi @Surya_Narayana, for security, I would agree. But it seems like Microsoft has completed moved away from on-prem implementations of Windows Server for all of their courseware. I agree that the certs you've listed are security-focused, but what about infrastructure? My main issue is that I haven't seen any current Microsoft certs about things like "this is how DHCP works" (for example).

I think I'm looking for something similar to what the Windows Server 2012/2016 certifications used to be (though probably closer to what 2012 was because they were better organized). Maybe I need to talk to someone at Microsoft certifications to find what I'm looking for.
I suggest you to check the AZ-800 and AZ-801 which contains a mix of cloud and on prem topics.
Please check eliekarkafy post "I suggest you to check the AZ-800 and AZ-801 which contains a mix of cloud and on prem topics."