I have upgraded DEV environment from 10.0.26 to 10.0.28 and facing error on DB sync.

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Error: PdsBatchAttribCode of data source PdsBatchAttribByItem does exist in the database or the configuration key on the field or on Extended Data Type used by the field is off


1. Enable the maintenance mode on the environment.

  • Go to AXDB and use the below queries as per your requirement,
  • To check the current state
    select Value from sqlsystemvariables a where a.PARM = 'configurationmode'
  • To enable maintenance mode
    update sqlsystemvariables set VALUE = 1 where PARM = 'configurationmode'
  • Now you need to restart word wide web service.
    Open the Command prompt as admin and run iisreset
  • Once you done with your activities run below query to disable maintenance mode
    update sqlsystemvariables set VALUE = 0 where PARM = 'configurationmode'

2. log in to D365 and go to License configuration

3. And under the Configuration Key 

 Go to Process Distribution and Enable Batch attribute->Batch attribute and save the setting.



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