do disks in win 10 storage spaces have to be the same size to stripe ?

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I have been using dynamic disks with simple spanned for years and it finally bit me in the rear. My server 2012 NAS  power supplies went out and took one of the spanned disks with it. As those volumes cannot be retrieved or fixed that I can find a way to do so i have been pulling what i can with retrieval software.


that being said ....


I want to move my disk collection to something a little more robust and portable in the future . Storage spaces seems like the ideal solution in a  stripped set up . but as I have many disks in various flavors ;  1tb 2tb and 3tb 5tb and even one 6tb.


My question is can those be used in a storage space stripped and if so will I only have the capacity of the smallest disk ie. 1tb*80% or is storage spaces smart enough to stripe those various sizes and still allow the redundancy ? I should be looking at about 18tb*.80 if that could be done with the disks im looking at now 1-3tb ,5-2tb and 3*1tb i have others I can use in there as well after data is moves around from the initial build.


The data on capacity for storage spaces capacity or what the array makeup can be is lacking even on the server pages as to how it works with different disk sizes. There are plenty of help pages out there that show different sizes in the setup ..but not for what you actually have in physical space after.


one more consideration how safe is it ..i have read that win10 2004 has a problem with storage spaces in a stripped config that fixed and will this be able to be moved to another machine in the future without some of that dynamic disk nightmare of foreign disk?


My server that died that spanned volume was from 2011 so it has been going strong for 9 years ..lucky me ..until that lightning storm anyway ...and i would like that same longevity from whatever i move all this data to ..



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@hi there,


.. i tried those win spaces server 2016/2019  win 8/10

... which i assumed to work for  usbs - ddiff ones espcially

It is a big no no .. 

u better of with a free nas running from usb / or vm 





Hello @mxdog

Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on your topic/question. Although one or the other MCT specialized in this technology could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the respective community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:

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and.......i am trying to learn something here but be that as it may

i actually signed into technet and got here when i clicked forums.

maybe if MS didn't redirect there structure every 5 minutes ...

yeah, that is not an option really I moved all the drives and set it up ..copied 6 tb onto them for now... 8 disks of various sizes has a smart warning so i'm going to yank it and see if the raid rebuilds or not .. this is all doubled data at this point so no loss if it fails ..been a couple days now and seems to work ok ..bit slow but that probably the sata card

thanks for getting back