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When I attempt to launch the lab for the "Enhance Power BI reports with slicers, interaction, and formatting" module it says "Hmm, something went wrong" and will not launch. I have attempted retrying the launch, refreshing the page, logging out and back in, rebooting the computer, and using several different browsers, all without any change.

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I have the same problem in the same lab.
I also did the same all, retry launch log off reboot etc...
Plus I tried disabling AdBlock and Ghostery browser extension.
No way, couldnt succeed to initiate the lab.
I have solved this issue, by using the link of the next lab:

Open the lab with above link and follow the instructions of above lab, voila!

@alika83I've also encoutered this issue today - thank you for your solution, I'm annoyed that i couldn't have come up with that work around!

Just an update - the above solution no longer works for me.

I cannot open any of the previous Labs, so therefore cannot complete the rest of the course.
Unfortunately this work around is no longer functional as now none of the labs will open, with all of them presenting the same error message.
@Lnaccash  , @Charlie_Pal ;
Now I tried the link I provided above, and I could open the lab successfully.
I use chrome and stopped adblock and ghostery. Do you have one of them open ?

If you can not open any of the labs, it might be caused by a setup of yours which this lab environment is not happy with.
I have neither of those and I had been successfully completing the labs up until this point and I did not change anything. Additionally the link you sent me did work at first, but then it stopped working, leading me to try all the labs, none of which worked.


I has the same last week - opened previous lab and worked through, but wouldn't let me sign in to Publish or access Data Sets so can't do lab 08A.

How can we get MS to sort this out as time is running out to complete the course...?

Same issue for me with the labs on this. I'm getting the same error of:
'Hmm, something went wrong. Retry, launching lab'
Nothing seems to work, either restarting the computer, trying a different browser, or signing out of the Learn area. Would be great to get this fixed to complete the course by the end of the month.

For anyone wanting to access the lab files (assuming you have Power BI available) they are available on GitHub. I am using these locally until the labs are working again.

This should have been fixed. Are you still experiencing issues?
Hi Allison, still not working for me, I'm unable to get any of the labs I've tried to open up as part of the DA-100 modules. I get the message 'Retry launching lab', then 'Start Lab' which opens a pop-up page which is blank. Was certainly working fine last week as I did some of the labs.

@allisonkrakerstill no joy launching any of the labs, any update on this so we can finish the challenge on time?

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Just heard back from engineering and this should be fixed now. Can you all try and let me know?


Thanks for following up.
Just tried to launch Lab - Create a Power BI dashboard - Learn | Microsoft Docs

Still no joy

Everything seems to be working now
Have just tried again after seeing that @Lnaccash said it was working and have been able to sign into a lab. Many thanks for getting this fixed!
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Just heard back from engineering and this should be fixed now. Can you all try and let me know?

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