Conditional access legacy Auth

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Is it possible to allow certain IPs to connect via legacy Auth however, block the rest within conditional access policy?


For example block legacy Auth for account1 unless there is a connection by IP address 1?

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Hey @Dan-sec-1992,

 Conditional Access Policies are a type of nested "if-else" sets in order to control flow of a sign-in and either grant or block access under circumstances.


So, coming back to your question, if you set in the "Conditions" section of your CAP the "Location" property to "Exclude" a named location that you have already preset with the range of your IPs then you should be fine.


Maybe this screenshot will help:

Screenshot 2022-10-21 212530.png


I have checked it and it worked as expected, based on the sign-in logs output, success/failed by adding/removing my home IP.






Really appreciate it, makes perfect sense. Will implement this next week.