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Hi Microsoft Learn,

                               if this is the wrong place for this query, I apologise in advance. I completed the 30 day Power Platform App Maker challenge on the 29th April with 14hrs to go. My status is 100% but my modules status or "where you stand status" is stuck on 35/36 and has not updated.


I emailed on the 29/04 and was given the response wait 24hours and it will update. Well here we are on the 05/05 my status has not updated and I have received no response to my emails from I would be interested to hear if anyone has had similar experiences or what can be done. It would be a shame for "learners" to put in the time and effort only to get nothing back in return apart from silence.


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Hi Richard, that is a shame :( I know the cloud skills challanges can take up to 12hrs to reflect module completion statuses- but it seems like you should have had plenty of time to get your completion registered!
all resolved! There was an issue with one of the modules and that is why it was stuck on 35/36 for anyone on the Power Platform App Maker track. The module has since been removed and my status updated.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

@Griffr1 a year later and same situation. I've emailed them, waiting.