Certification path for M365 Enterprise Administrator Expert

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Hi Everybody.. Last year I completed the MS-100 & MS-101 exams. 

I saw that to earn the certificate (mentioned in Subject) I needed to take another 'prerequisite' exam.. I chose to complete the MS-700 exam, which is in the list of prerequisites. 

I received the certificate in my dashboard for completing the MS-700 exam, which is the Teams Administrator Associate, but I did not yet receive the certificate 'Enterprise Administrator Expert' when completing the combined examns (MS-100 + MS-101 +MS-700). 
Do I need to wait a little longer, or is there anyone I could contact at Microsoft to check this out? 


Thank you all..


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I think Microsoft should be able to help you.
Were you able to receive the enterprise cert?

@mbodine   Yes.. A few days after my exam I received the Enterprise cert in my dashboard. 
All good.