Bring the popcorn, and check out this Microsoft Learn Show, starring GitHub Copilot



June 16 - GitHub Copilot.png


OK, the popcorn is optional, but don’t miss this show—rated for all skill levels. Introduction to GitHub Copilot on Microsoft Learn Shows features six videos, ranging from one to eight minutes, covering the wide range of capabilities that GitHub Copilot offers. This service provides you with an AI pair programmer that can dramatically accelerate your overall productivity as a developer. It uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and functions in real time, directly from your editor. Episodes of this show begin withWhat is GitHub Copilot?” and then follow with How to generate code with prompts using Copilotand ”How to generate Copilot suggestions as you type.” Subsequent episodes include “How to reduce repetitive tasks with Copilot, How to write documentation with Copilot suggestions,” and “How to use new features with Copilot Labs.” The videos don’t need to be watched in ordercheck them all out, or choose those you’re most interested in. Either way, GitHub Copilot is the star of this series, as you #LearnMicrosoftAI. 

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