Azure-cli-ml error in parsing inference file

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ERROR: {'Azure-cli-ml Version': '1.41.0', 'Error': MlCliError({'Error': 'Error parsing --inference-config-file. Must be valid JSON or YAML file.', 'Response Content': FileNotFoundError(2, 'No such file or directory')})}


I am getting above error while trying to deploy my model. Below is my inference config file content.




runtime: python
condaFile: scoringConfig.yml
enableGpu: False


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The file specified with the --inference-config-file argument could not be found. Ensure that the file exists and its path is correct. File must be a valid JSON or YAML file. Make sure that the file is in the correct format, and that its contents are valid YAML syntax. If the file is a YAML file, it should have the .yml extension, and if it's a JSON file, it should have the .json extension.

This inferenceConfig.yml file, some of the required fields are missing values, which will cause the deployment to fail. You need to provide values for entryScript, condaFile, baseImage, and baseImageRegistry fields.