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Please, I have a question related with the badge Solution Architect Expert, I pass the exam AZ-300 in December 2019, for various reasons I haven't done the next exams ( AZ-301 or AZ-304 ) to complete the certification, At this moment I want complete the certification but I don't know if my old badge AZ-300 is valid or Until that date I can do AZ-304 for complete the certification, Anyone know if I can do AZ-304 at this moment or Until What date I have to complete AZ-304 exam ?, thanks in advance.

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Hi Jose- you have until the 31st of March 2022 to complete AZ-304 & AZ-303 to gain the certification:

This blog post has more info:

@RenJones  Are you sure ?, The question is related with that I have az-300 and I have to pass az-304 to get certification, But my az-300 pass was in September 2019, I dont know if 2 years after I can do and pass az-304 and get the certification .

Hi Jose- I'm sorry! I misunderstood your question- As the AZ-300 is retired now and was replaced by AZ-303, I believe you'll have to complete both AZ-303 and AZ-304.

Hopefully another person who knows for sure will comment to confirm :)

@jose_mmm Accofrding to this blog post you should be able to take AZ-304 and still get your Architect cert: "If you already passed either AZ-300 or AZ-301, you could take the new version of the complementary exam. The following exam combinations are valid for earning Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification: AZ-300 and AZ-301; AZ-300 and AZ-304; AZ-301 and AZ-303; or AZ-303 and AZ-304. (To see which exams you passed, check your transcript"

Hello @jose_mmm,

Your best option: If you already passed your Exam AZ-300, you can earn the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification by passing Exam AZ-304 before it retires on March 31, 2022.


Another option, if you already have earned the Azure Administrator Associate certification, is to take and pass the new Exam AZ-305 when is available in beta (Nov 16, 2021). 


The combination AZ-300 + AZ-305 will not give you the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.


Hope this helps.