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Hi, since August I've been going through the AZ-204 learning content using the following link:


However, in the last month, the content has been updated and I'm really concerned about sitting the exam. A month ago, there were 7 modules. Part 1 Create Serverless Applications, through to Part 7 Secure Cloud Data. Part 1 link here:


As you can see from the second link, it states in the summary it is a module to prepare for the AZ-204 exam. I've just started to do practice tests and I'm now having questions about areas I haven't seen before.


Was it that this website was out of date and has just been updated to correct it? I feel a bit upset, after spending a lot of hours/days learning content, which now seems redundant and with no warning.


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All exams are reviewed every 3-6 months or so and every year have a major refresh. So, you need to check the exam page and the objectives measured for any changes.
The exam had some minor changes in March with Logic Apps and Notification Hubs being the main removals
From my experience many Learn modules are now being updated to more closely fit the exam structure and objectives. I think this is the case here. However you should be aware that the modules will never cover every single topic in the exam
Thanks for your response. I found out the hard way I guess.

I'm surprised Microsoft can't add a warning to the learning materials after they have updated an exam. If you follow the flow online, you are directed to online materials to support you.